I've never spoken about make-up on my blog before. I thought I would show you all what's in my make up box. I've never been a huge fan of make up. I think they are ridiculously priced and a waste of money! Saying that, I used to wear make up every day. Now, I only wear make up if I am going for a night out or if I fancy a 'make up' day! The only make up I will wear on a daily basis is, mascara. I am a little fussy on trying new make up, so I tend to stick to the same foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara and powder.

I only started to shape my eyebrows when I was 16 years old. Stupidly, I shaved them. I was petrified of plucking but one day I got them waxed, which wasn't to bad! I then, started to get them threaded. Not long after, I moved about 30 minutes away from where I was living with my Dad, so it was hard and expensive to keep going to the same place. That is when I started using an eyebrow/bikini shaver instead. I find it so much easier to keep on top. It's not as good as getting them threaded or waxed but I know what shape I want, that's why I do it! Although, I should start going to my friend down the road to do them because she has passed a course to thread eyebrows - we will see!

You can probably tell I am no where near the best peson for make up, by look at the photo above! So then, we have -

Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil.
AVON Always on point Eyeliner.
JML Finishing Touch shaver.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara.
Rimmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation.
Max Factor Pressed Powder.

All of the above probably cost £44 in total. Most of these will last me at least a year. The Eyebrow shaver cost me £19.99, if I remember rightly. So really, the make up only cost me just over £20. Is that bad or good?!

Another thing I have never been a fan of is painting my own nails. I've had acrylics twice and shellacs once. I've just never been a fan of nails, I get bored of a colour to quick. Although, right now I am wearing the 4th colour from the left. It has been on my nails for nearly 2 weeks and only now the paint is coming off! My nails will probably look a mess for quite a while, because I am too damn lazy to use nail varnish remover - lol! (You can probably tell, I love Avon!!)

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  1. Also love Rimmel eyebrow pencil and mazzy! I've tried 'posher' brands and always come back.


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