My Sunday Photo

{We received school photos last week}

* Black and White Photography Project *



  1. Two beautiful photos, what a beautiful school photo that is

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Beautiful view. Where is it? #CheckOutThatView

  3. That school photo is excellent.They both look so relaxed and smily!

  4. Love the black and white one. very relaxed :)

  5. Lovely school photo of both of them. The background reminds me of my old dancing photoshoots we used to do.

  6. That is a great family scene and the monochrome makes it stand out.

  7. Great photos...
    I love black and white... they seem timeless ;)

  8. Love the black and white, such a beautiful view. And, gorgeous school photo :) #mysundayphoto and #checkoutthatview

  9. Lovely smiles from the 1st photo and that weather in the second photo is so perfect for a family walk =)

    #mysundayphoto #bwphotoproject

  10. The most touching part of the school photo is the way they're folding into each other and touching hands. You know they're close as siblings looking at this photo. Very moving.
    In the B&W photo you get a real sense of the wind in the photo over what's a fabulous view

  11. Aww little cuties! I'm actually here to comment on #CheckOutThatView but your children are stealing the show! I do love the black and white scene too though, it really works. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment!


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