Having two childrendaughters can be very exhausting. Infact, nearly every single day is exhausting. I get my break when both girls are in school. Elliw will be in playschool 9am until 11am and Mia goes 9am until 3pm. I really do appreciate any break I have. Most of the time I will spend my free time by doing housework {yeah right!} next joke! Really I just spend it by either sitting down watching TV with a cup of tea or blogging and the last ten minutes before I have to leave is when I do the housework!

No one can prepare you for life with two children. I really do look up to the parents who have more than two kids, I really do. My normal day consists of, shouting, feeding, arguments, cuddles, shouting, laughter, shouting, moods and exhaustion. Most days both girls will argue from the minute they wake up until we leave the house for school and again from 3pm until bedtime. It does feel like its never ending. I wish I wouldn't have to shout so much. I have calmed down and stopped doing it so much but once you read below, you will know why!

So we have Mia. She's 5 years old but acts 15. No one believes me when I say she can act like a right spoilt little girl with an attitude of a teenager! She is a little angel in school, her teacher even calls her and her two best friends 'Diva Girls'. Every single parents evening she has big praises of the teachers that she is a very good girl. Which I am very proud of don't get me wrong. I am really glad she doesn't show her tempers and attitudes in school. For the past few months I have realised she seems to try and get me to do what she says. I tell her one thing but she seems to like to 'control' the situation, she will do what she wants and will throw a strank if I tell her no. I do find her pretty hard to handle at times but she can be such a loving little girl. Mia loves to boss Elliw around. Even though she is very caring and loving towards her she still seems to 'force' Elliw to do things she doesn't want to. Many times I tell her to stop it but then she goes to whisper it to Elliw instead! Mia has more good days than bad days up until recently. She seems to have more bad days recently. Her attitude and answering back is getting worse but when she is good, she is hilarious.

Elliw is my youngest, she is 3 years old. She has a very bad temper. She looses her temper every single day. This will include, hitting, screaming, throwing herself on the floor and more screaming. She will scream for things instead of asking for them. She will happily annoy her big sister and laugh about it. She has shown her temper in playschool so I hope she calms down before she starts school in September, only time will tell. Elliw is the hardest. When Elliw is by herself I still feel like I have two kids. She is constant on the move, hardly ever stops. Only for cuddles {not often} and playing on the ipad. She is a right fussy eater and thinks she has finished her meal after eating one or two chips {if she has chips}. She copies her big sister with everything recently. Again, Elliw is a right comical little girl just like her big sister.

Both of them together is really hard work. When they are bad I want to rip my hair out. When they are good, I love it. I make the most of the good times. Even though they argue over the pettiest things such as Elliw didn't put a train on the right train track or Mia has chosen a video on Youtube that Elliw doesn't want, it is really worth it at the end of the day, when I can put my feet up once they are in bed {lol}. I really do love my evenings.

They are right little rascals and real drama queens. But they are my world. When they are nice they are the most loving and caring sisters. I am proud to call them my daughters. I really am.

Recently Elliw has been looking up to Mia ALOT. She copies everything she does and I love it when she does this because Mia is her role model. When they are well behaved they play so nicely with eachother. I will get the odd day where there are no rows, arguments or telling off's. Those days are very rare so I make the most of it. Sometimes if I hear them playing nicely I will go to door quietly and peep to the side too see what they are doing. They can be such a loving sisters. If anything bad was to happen I know they will be there for eachother straight away.

Both can be very hard work but they are so worth it. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter makes all the hard days worth it and forgotten about. They love trying to help eachother out even if sometimes they do end up arguing over it I am glad they like helping eachother instead of not having a bond at all.

Having more than one child can be scary. But there are a lot of good times and it's all worth it, I promise.

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  1. It sure can be tough, my eldest daughter has technically just become a teenager, however, like Mia she has acted like a teenager since, well since forever really! She is much worse with her dad than with me, but she has her moments with me too lol. They are most definitely worth the heartache though, you're doing a fab job #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you very much!
      Ah I can't imaging my little girls being Teenagers!! It's a mad thought isn't it? And yes it's all worth it! :) Thanks for commenting.

  2. You have two lively but obviously lovely characters. Gorgeous smile on their faces in the last shot.

  3. It can definitely be tough, and my three do their fair share of bickering, but when they play nicely or look out for each other, it more than makes up for it! Love that last photo :)

  4. It is tough having two. They are safely practicing disagreeing with each other and you before going out into the big wide world to disagree with others in a calmer manner. My two are the same. My daughter is definitely more temperamental than my son though! I talk calmly to them to tell them to stop doing daft things but sometimes end up shouting like a crazy woman before they will listen. It's all good fun though. Like you say, the good times are worth it. And these days don't last long. #MyFavouritePost

  5. This is like seeing my mother talk about us (me and my sister). This also made me miss my sister.

    Lovely photos and words =) #letkidsbekids

  6. Having multiple children can be really tough, sometimes the arguing, and bickering can feel non stop, but you're right the good times far out weight the bad. Lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  7. Aww I had days like that with my son when he is 2-3! Imagine how astound I am when he slowly got nicer. And how he is really nice. Saying that when he is too tired and too wind up he can be frustrating to be with. Kids are so unpredictable dont they? But the best thing is that when they are sweet they really sweet too. Makes all the bad things go away. #sharewithme

  8. What gorgeous girls! I know what you mean, two is. Bloody hard work! Mine are 5 and 1. My boy who is 5 has no idea how much his sister idealises him! She follows him around all the time, if he's snout generally she's happy, very cute x

  9. Ahhh absolutely gorgeous siblings post this month. Your photos are dreamy! They are so cute and full of happiness and excitement. Love these. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme (and #siblings)

  10. I've read that children misbehave with the people they trust to love them regardless. Behaving perfectly all day at school, especially while sitting still, is taxing for little children, so they let their energy out with us. Perhaps twins are different, but I really think that any downside of there being two kids in the house is enormously outweighed by the richness of their relationship.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

  11. Although I have two children and it can be hard work at times I do appreciate the age gap I have between my two monkeys some times. Big J is 13 and little J just 2 so sometimes it is hard work having a toddler and a teen to deal with but I really do appreciate the help and support my eldest gives me when I need it. He will play with little J while I cook, clean or anything else I need time for so it is like having another helper. Obviously I would never rely on him because he is still a child himself but its nice when its offered. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens over at Mummy2Monkeys

  12. Gorgeous photos - I have two daughters too - and two sons;) Thank you for linking up to #myfavouritepost Kaz x

  13. They look so gorgeous, it's hard to think you have bad days with them. Thanks so much for linking up with #MyFavouritepost.


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