Affordable Fathers Day Presents Ideas

Fathers Day is a week today! A day we can celebrate the important men in our lives. I will be waking up in the morning getting my partners presents and card ready for the girls to give him when he wakes up. I will then be visiting a town near mine during the afternoon to meet my Dad at the finish line of a bike race that he is taking part in. My Taid will also be there so I can give my Dad and my Taid their presents and card. My partners Dad will be back from Thailand Tuesday morning so we will visit him then to give his presents and card too! So we have quite a busy Father's Day ahead of us.

Here are some great ideas you could give that special man in your life on Sunday. Some are even great to do with the kids too!

1 | Picture and Frame.
Like the photo below I made Collage Photo on Truprint and then bought a frame from Home Bargains. The print cost around £1.00 each {I think!}. The frame was £1.49. A lovely sentimental affordable gift.

2 | Handmade Card
This is an activity the kids can get involved with. It can be a great time to bond too. Let them colour, glue or paint! Maybe to be make it more personal you could stick a photo on the front and let them write on the inside too. Another great sentimental gift and card idea.

3 | Child Pictures
Another activity your child{ren} can join in with. Let your child draw pictures of themselves with their Dad/Grandfather/Uncle or whoever you want to give the gift too.

4 | A day out ticket
Do they love going out for the day or do you think they deserve a night in a hotel? Why not book them somewhere. Maybe for just them and their partner or for the whole family.

5 | A Hamper
You could easily buy them a hamper. But why not do the hamper yourself. Make it personal. You could buy a simple blue {or any other colour} box and fill it with chocolate bars or maybe even sweets and biscuits too!

6 | Personalised CD
Do you have a music loving Dad? Why not get all his favourite songs together and make him a CD.

7 | Fill a Gift Bag for £10
There are many affordable things you can buy to fill a bag for just over £10. This is just a small list of things I have seen around and their rough prices.
  • Blue Gift Bag - £1.00 - Tesco.
  • Box of Chocolate - £1.50 - Home Bargains.
  • Pair of Socks - £1.99 - Card Factory.
  • Dad Mug - £1.99 - Home Bargains.
  • A Picture from a child - FREE - An indoor activity.
  • Best Dad Teddy - £2.99 - Card Factory.
  • Dad's Taxi Car Sign - £1.99 - Ebay.
8 | Go out for food
You don't have to go out for a fancy meal {you can if you want!}. You can easily just order a bag of chips and eat it on the front by the beach or even in the car. Great way of bonding and having a chat too.

9 | Go for a walk
This idea is free. Go out somewhere for the day as a family or maybe just the two of you. Great bonding time and a day out to remember too.

10 | Calendar
Even though it is half way through the year there are calendars out there that do half 2015 and half 2016 year. Or you could make one yourself, again the kids can get involved with this gift.

If you're looking for more gift ideas for Dads, visit Gear Hungry to read some great review guides of gifts for men before you buy.

Have you got any affordable gift ideas?
What are you going to be doing Fathers Day?

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  1. Great ideas :) I haven't bought much for Father's Day this year, couldn't think of anything my Dad would like. I eventually managed to think of something small xx


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