Some people might think it's wrong that I have taught my girls Welsh as their first language. Before I even fell pregnant I always said, If I ever had a baby then I want him/her to know Welsh. When I had Mia and Elliw, I instantly spoke Welsh. My Welsh isn't fantastic, but I have always grown up to speak Welsh to my Taid and my Great-Nain (who's sadly passed away now). I still speak Welsh to my Taid. It's a habit now, but I speak English to the rest of my family.

In my house, we all speak Welsh. Sometimes, but not very often will I speak English to the girls. I am lucky that Mia speaks and understand Welsh and English. Elliw is more Welsh, but I think her understanding and speaking of English is slowly getting there.

Gwynedd, the county we live in, has a high popularity of Welsh speakers. I used to live in a small-ish city called Bangor. Bangor wasn't all that Welsh but I think that is because most of the people there are Students. The village I live in is mostly Welsh. The schools first language is Welsh. Which means every lesson, is taught in Welsh. In Wales, if the schools are English-Medium then it is compulsory that they have Welsh lessons.

I personally think, if you move to Wales then you should learn the language. If you don't want to go Welsh lessons then you could make an effort to learn it yourself through the internet or meeting other people. Speaking Welsh is a plus with jobs around Wales. So for learning my girls Welsh as their first language doesn't really worry me with their future. I do make sure they understand and able to speak English too. So when they are older, and try for jobs they can say they can speak both languages.

I think it's good keeping the Welsh tradition. I'm Welsh and Proud!

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  1. It's nice that you choose to speak Welsh with the girls. I only speak it with Osian when it's just us two. I don't have the confidence to speak it around adults. Before going to secondary school I was fluent in Welsh, I feel quite sad I can't speak it the same. We learnt about the decline of the Welsh language in history, it's quite sad it's not spoken throughout Wales like it used to be. X


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