5 Ways Having A Baby Can Affect A Relationship

If you are in a relationship and decide to have a baby together, there are many things to think about first. Having a baby is an exciting time for most. It's one of the best things that can happen to your but having a baby can change your life. Especially your relationship. You may think of the financial side and work side but most people don't actually think or even know how a baby can effect a relationship.

1 | No time
Having a baby can take up a lot of your time. A lot of people who haven't got children may think a baby sleeps through the day and so you get a lot of time to yourself. Half of that is true. Yes a newborn sleeps through the day and a baby can have naptimes up until the age of 12 months - 24 months {maybe longer}. But the side that isn't true is that you have time. When baby is sleeping you usually catch up on something you can't do when baby is awake. Such as sleeping, feeds, housework and so actually having time together doesn't come to mind. Also you or your partner may work.

2 | Early bedtime
Your bedtime hours may change. Newborn can wake up a few times through the night. My youngest didn't have her full night sleep until she was 7 months old. She is now 3 years old and still wakes up in the night. You kind of get to know the times of when your baby wakes up so you go to bed earlier so you're no so grumpy.

3 | Stress
Who said raising a baby is easy? No one. They can cry and cry for no reason at all. They can keep you up for hours through the night. They can have bad days {just like us adults} and good days. Tiredness can make you stressed. But also I think every single parent {dad and mam} should have a break, even if it is just for a couple of hours. I honestly do think this can help with stress.

4 | Financial side
This can effect a relationship. Although a baby is just small, there are many things a baby needs. Also you may find yourself spending more on utility bills too. This can cause strain on a relationship. This is why it is best to check you are financially stable before you try for a baby.

5 | Changes
When you become a parent. Whether it is for the first, second or fifth time. You change. Your feelings, looks and body changes. Although no one in the relationship should judge or change feelings over body changes of a woman. That woman gave you the greatest gift there is. Although the woman may feel upset and not so confident about her body {some do feel like this}. There can be mood changes and changes about how you feel about certain things. So just be prepared for changes.

Has having a baby changed your relationship? If so, How?


  1. Great list! Our relationship definitely changed because our priorities and responsibilities changed - in a good way though :) #ShareWithMe

  2. With my 4th, I didn't get an uninterrupted night's sleep until she was over a year old. And even at 18 months, I could count the number of nights on one hand. At 3 years old, she's still not a good sleeper, to be honest!


  3. Oh it definitely puts some changes in a relationship doesn't it? This is so true. Great post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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