My Dream Bathroom

We bought our first home just over a year ago. It's gone so quick. There are still loads to do and I think it may take a couple of years until it is all complete and until we are happy with it. We were hoping and planning to do the bathroom this Summer but it may be next Summer {hopefully sooner} now. I have been thinking what kind of bathroom do I want. I'm unsure to stay all-white or go on the bright side. I am loving the colours yellow and blue recently. But i'm not quite sure yet, we will have to wait and see how we both feel when we decide to do it.

I'm lucky that my partner is a Plumber so he can do all the water work and fitting in a new bath, toilet and sink. I honestly can not wait for the whole bathroom to be gutted out and designed the way we want it. At the moment the wallpaper is coming off, so much dampness and old fashioned. It just looks really tacky at the moment.

1. This shower curtain is bright and goes with the colours I had in mind. I think having 2 other houses with plain all-white bathrooms has got me pretty bored of plain bathrooms, so it may be time to brighten up for a change!

2. I have always wanted a walk-in shower. I don't think my bathroom would be big enough for one but maybe if we completely changed the layout we could fit one in, we will see. Visit Bella Bathrooms to see more ideas.

3. I've always liked unique toilets. Currently we have an old fashioned toilet and the pattern at the top is really hard and so awkward to clean so I can not wait for a new toilet!

4. I'd pick a small sink for the bathroom but big enough for the kids to be able to reach and brush their teeth too. The same as the toilet we currently have the sink has the same pattern is really awkward to clean so I would look for something small and simple to clean.

5. Although I have gone for square toilet and sinks, I really love the curved corner baths.

I think the choice of layout and style for the bathroom will be difficult to choose but I honestly can not wait until it is done.

What colour is your bathroom?
Have you written a post about your dream bathroom or a tour of your bathroom? Comment below!

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