5 Ways To Manage Your Savings Online

I am not the best at saving money. In fact I am probably the worse person to save. But I have given myself a few tips on how to save and I am going to share them with you today. It's 2015 and most things now are done online by using laptops, phone or iPads. I do agree that managing your savings online is a much easier way to budget and save.
5 Ways to manage your savings online
1| Take one day a month or week where you sit down and go through all accounts and bank accounts to make sure you are up to date with paying all bills and anything else you need to each week/month. 
2| Online banking is a great way to manage your savings. Do it by laptop or have an app on your phone which is great. I have an app on my phone to do online banking, it's a great way to keep on top of savings.
3| Budget. Although, easier said than done isn't it? It can get easier once you keep on top of it though. Again, online banking can help you with this.
4| Invest. Yup. That's right! Invest. Nutmeg is a website that you can manage your ISAS and Pension online. You can start investing with Nutmeg from as little as £1000.

5| If you are wanting to go on holiday then set a date and save each week. Again using online banking you could set up a new savings account and transfer money each week or month.
Do you have any tips on managing savings online?

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