Planning A Christening

As you all may know, Princess Charlotte was christened on Sunday, July 5th 2015. The Royal Family is now a family of 4. Prince George wearing near-the-same outfit as his own father Prince William when he was christened himself when he was around Prince George's age.

Getting christening can be an exciting time to celebrate the life of the child. It can be done religious reasons too. I was christened and so have Mia and Elliw. I think it is a nice thing to carry on through the family, a day to celebrate the child and also a day to spend with the family.

Planning a christening can be exciting but it can be so stressful and expensive too. I was really stressed planning both of my girls' christenings. They were both so different too. Mia's christening we didn't really have an 'after party' with everyone who attended the service because the place I had originally booked, got double-booked. Instead just my family went out for a meal. Elliw's christening it was a little different. We had both families together. We had the service and booked he local ex-servicemen's club where everyone attended afterwards.

You need to choose a date of when you would like your child to be christening. Christenings are usually held on Sundays. I did Elliw's christening mixed with her 1st Birthday so it was extra special. If you have a baby/child who naps then it may be best to do the time around your child's nap time. The service times around my area are usually 11am and 1pm.

You will need to choose somewhere to go after the Service. It all depends what you like and what you want to do. I chose the club because it was a big enough space for both families, a place for a buffet and a car for a couple of drinks, along with somewhere outside for the kids to play about. You may need to book a place that will suit everyone.

Make sure you hand out invites at least 2 or more weeks before the event. You don't want to give them out last minute and then not many people turning up because they have already made other plans. Another tip is maybe do paper invites instead online invites as not everyone is keen on online invites {eg; Facebook or e-mail}.

There are many online shops that sell christening outfits and dresses. Also many local businesses in different areas do unusual and unique christening dresses and outfits. But if you want to stick to main stores then you can purchase some on Debenhams or NEXT too.

Depends where you are booking the after event. You may need to sort out a buffet if the venue isn't a restaurant or doesn't provide food. More than likely you will need to book the cake well in advance too. If you get invites out in a few weeks before the event then it will give you a rough idea how much you should cater for.

Have you or your child ever been christened?

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