A Dry Night For My Three Year Old!

Hooray! My youngest daughter had dry knickers last night. Daddy and I are so proud of her. I wasn't planning on starting to toilet train her through the night time until she was around 4 years old, which would have been next year.

Mia has had a few bad days with soiling her knickers so I decided to tell Mia and Elliw that if they both have clean knickers and behave all week then they can both wear knickers for bedtime on the weekend. Elliw has always been fine with going to toilet, it was more of an aim hoping to help Mia stop soiling and peeing in her knickers. It didn't work. Yesterday was a very bad day.

Before bedtime last night, Elliw decided she didn't want a nappy. She wanted knickers to go to bed. Me and Daddy looked at each other wondering what we could use to protect the mattress and sheets. We decided to use a black bin bag under the fitted sheet, with a towel on top and then another towel on top of the fitted sheet. She was super excited. She was really proud of herself and phoned her Nain Carys to tell her that she was wearing knickers to go to bed, and no nappy!

Mia was very jealous. I am hoping a little bit that this will learn her to stop being so lazy with toileting. I have never experienced this milestone of night training so I was on the go and took Elliw to toilet around 9pm when I wanted to go myself, and I took her to toilet for a pee again just before I went to bed at 11.30pm. It was quite funny because she was half asleep sitting on the toilet. I was worried that she would be wide awake and then wanting more juice, but she didn't wake up! Thank god. She woke up in the middle of the night for a pee. She was still dry. Hooray! Morning time came and Daddy woke up to her and she had dry knickers! We are both so proud of her. Again, she phoned her Nain Carys to tell her! So happy.

I hope this will continue now. I am expecting a few odd accidents, she is only 3 years old! Daddy treated her to a day out of after speech therapy whilst I stayed at home with Mia because she had been misbehaving yesterday and in the morning.

Will give you all an update next week.

I feel so lucky to have a child so easy to potty train and toilet train in night! I really can't wait until my eldest reaches that stage, so we don't have to buy pull ups again!

How old were your children when they had a dry night?


  1. Massive high five to the special little girl in her big girl pants :)

    1. Thanks :D She didn't do to well last night.. she had two accidents :( Cross fingers tonight!

  2. Aww! That is fantastic! Well done Elliw!
    My girls were both about 4 when they were both dry during the night! Well done x

    1. Thanks Kim! I wish Mia would be out of nappies at night, but I cant see it happening anytime soon! I am still tackling the day with her! x

  3. Yay, Well done Elliw! We have just started at night as my big guy is nearly 4 and so ready, but we have daytime to do with Archie this summer and I am dreading it! I hate potty training

    1. Thanks Bex. Ohh good luck!! I did Elliw's potty training last Summer! She was really quick.. actually only took us a few days. Thank god! I am struggling with my eldest, she is nearly 6! xx


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