23 Things About Me

Hoorah! It was my birthday on Saturday 22nd August. I'm officaly 23 years old (not sure if it's good or bad though!?) Another 2 years and i will be half way of being 50. That scares me... a lot! At 23 years old i never thought i would be where i am now. I have such an amazing partner and two beautiful daughters. I couldnt of asked for a better life right now.

Seeing that i am 23 years old today, i thought i'd write 23 things about me - some you may know, some you might not know!

1. I hate the sound of people chewing/eating
2. I had Obstetric Cholestasis in both my pregnancies
3. I had to be induced in both my pregnancies, and never gone 40 weeks
4. I was brought up by my amazing Dad
5. I was bullied in school
6. I haven't seen my Mother since December 24th 2014, her choice
7. My first language is Welsh
8. I gained 7 stone during my first pregnancy (bad I know!)
9. I was a size 22 at my heaviest, now I am a size 16
10. I played violin in primary school for 4 years
11. I was in a dance group with primary school and performed 'Hey Mickey!' and 'Thriller' in front of hundreds of people in a local Theatre
12. My favourite bands when I was a child, was STEPS and Spice Girls
13. I always wear odd socks
14. I am not the tidiest person in the world
15. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister
16. One of my brothers live in South Wales
17. I love watching horror movies
18. Anything with loads of circles/bubbles/dots close together, makes me feel sick!
19. I never used to cook anything from scratch before Slimming World in 2013
20. I was 16 years old when I fell pregnant with my first daughter
21. All my best and close friends from school still remain friends together but we have drifted apart since I had my kids
22. I have 5 tattoos
23. I have dyed my hair, black, white blonde, pearl blonde, bright red (like Rihanna) and dark brown

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  1. Happy late birthday! Hope you had a lovely day and got spoilt rotten! I loved steps and spice girls too haha. It sucks that you and your friends have drifted apart, why don't you make a group chat on facebook? that way you can stay updated and talk, thats what me and my friends do and it really helps! Oh and is slimming world good? i've been wanting to join for ages but the idea of cooking everything from scratch and dieting gives me anxiety haaha x


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