Our Weekend In Liverpool

Me and my partner spent the weekend in Liverpool for my birthday. It was a really nice break and time away from the kids. But back to Friday night first. We went to visit our friends new baby boy (who is beautiful by the way) then we went into town to get food for us and Elliw, whilst Mia was in her Dads. We came back home about 9pm. After putting Elliw to bed and half way through Hollyoaks, our kitchen ceiling had collapsed. We finally managed to get some sleep at midnight. We started a bit later than we hoped on Saturday morning, we dropped Elliw off in my partners Mothers around 9.30am then off we went.

The ques were ridiculous. It took us around 4 hours to arrive when it should have only taken 1 hour 50 minutes roughly. We stayed in Premier Inn on Albert Dock. We didn't stay in the room long, we decided to have a walk around the dock then go to the centre to do some shopping. We tried Yo! Sushi for lunch, at first I wasn't keen but once I tried it I was glad we went there. It was so tasty! We did more walking around the centre then we went for a drink in a pub on the Docks. I didn't feel 100% after so we went back to the hotel and I rested whilst my partner went for a shower and got ready. I went for a shower and got ready after him then off we went to Pizza Express for food. We got there just on time because the weather was awful. Rain and thunderstorms. After food we walked quickly back into the room and I got changed because I wasn't comfortable in the jeans or heels I was wearing.

I changed into my leggings and converse (classy! ha ha) and we went for one drink in another pub near the hotel. Luckily the rain had stopped for a bit. It was really nice to talk to each other and have no kids interrupting us and neither of us getting stressed or having to give anyone a row. We then went for another walk but as we walked from behind the pub there were police officers blocking the road as a groom-to-be, 24, sadly died after jumping in the Docks. We were so shocked that something like that happened so close to where we were staying. My thoughts are with all the family.

The rain started back so we decided to head back to the hotel, ordered some Ben & Jerrys then went to watch a film but by 11.30pm I was fast asleep! The next thing, it was 9am. In the morning we decided to have breakfast in the hotel then we packed up and checked out. We then went to a museum that was next to Albert Dock, free admission and it was great. We really enjoyed it and the views from the windows were gorgeous. It was so hot on Sunday so we were really lucky. Afterwards we went shopping again to get a few things for the girls. After a good few hours walking, legs aching, we finally reached the car and we started off home. We arrived just in time, as the minute we went in the car it started pouring down!

It was really nice to have a day and night to ourselves. We missed the kids a lot- we talked about them a lot but we fully enjoyed ourselves and are planning to bring the kids with us next time we visit Liverpool as found a lot of things that kids can do there.


  1. It looks like you had a great time despite the weather! I love Liverpool. We have been there a few times. I'm glad you find some time for you and your partner and that you manage to enjoy each other company without having to be interrupted by your kids. That is great! ;-) xx


    1. I also forgot to put #mummymonday, ups silly me! ;-) xx

  2. Liverpool is a great place to visit, it's fab that you enjoyed your birthday. You got some beautiful photos. I'm sure your kids will love exploring Liverpool with you too. Popping in from Magic Moments.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. We've been to Liverpool a few times and always enjoy it. #mummymonday

  4. How lovely to spent some time.away with your OH. I love Liverpool such a lovely.place and.people are really friendly too X

  5. sounds like fun always nice to get away for a night and just enjoy some adult company :)! Thanks for sharing on #sundaystars

  6. I've never been to Liverpool but it's somewhere I have always wanted to go. It looks like a lovely weekend with your OH, we are definitely due a night away from the kids soon! x

  7. I love Liverpool, so sad to hear about the poor guy :( Hope it didn't overshadow your weekend too much. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  8. Oh we go to Liverpool for great nights out and shopping and fun things with the kids as its not far. What a lovely time you look like you had. Love the photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I appreciate the linky loyalty and always look forward to seeing you again at SWM. #sharewithme


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