5 Things My Kids Pretend To Be

If I could, I could easily sit back and watch my kids play all day. But in reality, that is impossible! Watching them grow up from a helpless newborn baby to two strong-minded very independent children is amazing. Mia and Elliw love role-play. Especially Mia. They are at the age where they like to copy things and people {even animals}.

1. Doctor/Nurse
Many of times I have had to be 'ill' to be seen by either Doctor Mia or Doctor Elliw. Every single year from Santa they will have a Doctor bag with accessories. They love looking after others such as myself, my partner or any other visitor that comes through the door! They also don't mind shoving some odd looking thermometer in my mouth either!

2. Hairdresser
Mia has never been a fan of brushing mine or the dolls hair but Elliw loves it. Secretly I love it too! I can't be the only one who loves someone playing with their hair, right? It's so relaxing but then a second later she's managed to do a knot in my hair or banging the brush onto my hair.

3. Teacher
There is a teacher in our house every single day. Mia absolutely loves drawing, writing and pretending she is a teacher. Every single day after school and the weekend I will catch her playing school. It's pretty cute too see because I used to play it when I was younger too. Elliw is now also starting to play, so adorable but pretty funny too.

4. Animals
This is a weird one. They love pretending they are dogs, tigers, lions, monkeys and a lot more animals. Although it's a little odd it can be quite funny watching them acting to be these animals.

5. Ballerinas and Gymnasts
This is another role play that happens every single day. Mia absolutely loves dancing. She loves watching YouTube videos and giving her best moves, including the splits, handstands and a lot more.

What do your kids pretend to be?


  1. Isn't this such a fun age?? My girls are 3 and it is just crazy to listen to their pretend play sometimes ;) #twinklytuesday

  2. Haha! Kids are so great aren't they?! I always think the animal is a bit strange too but I think they all do it! I have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy and the funny thing is that the girls always boss my son around and he has to be the dog - every time! They are always the people. Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKIds

  3. We love role play in this house, Matilda particularly likes to dress up in one of many costumes, the boys don't dress up as often, but they still role play with different games, Harry likes to play teachers and doctors. Its so cute. x

  4. Such fun! Interesting to see what roles they take on and mimic. Can't wait until my LO starts doing this! I wonder if they'll grow up to be any of these!?! #LetKidsBeKids

  5. Lol! I am so glad that my little guy isn't the only one with the animal thing! I feel like he is always pretending to be a cat or a dog for some odd reason.

  6. This is cute. Eva's fave thing to pretend to be is Peppa Pig or a doctor x

  7. It's so lovely watching children play like this isn't it? My kids love all these things too and you are not alone, I love letting my children play with my hair, until the tie knots in it!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  8. Aw, this is so sweet. My eldest has started taking the register, which is so cute. When her younger sister gets involved, I think they will play similar games to your daughters #brilliantblogposts

  9. How cute! I used to love playing teachers and then I became one lol. My mum was a fan of hairdressers and now that I have a girl really hoping she will love it too 😉 #picknmix

  10. Always lovely to hear about children's make-believe, I could watch them all day,
    I work in lots of different families caring for their new baby so I get to see lots of children playing this way and it fascinates me as you can see the way they integrate what is going on around them into their own little world and I think it plays an important part in helping them understand and make sense of the world around them.
    I was lucky as a child because my parents both had powerful imaginations, and encouraged it in their children. We had lots of stories, and they were ever willing to provide us with props and equipment for us to use in our make believes.
    Most importantly, they gave us the time to do it, and never (well, almost never lol) complained about the state of the house, garden, ourselves and our clothes.
    I think that make this imaginative role-play is also a very useful tool as an adult as we 'rehearse/role-play' about how we will fit in at our new job, or how we should behave at an interview or meeting. It helps with figuring out how we fit in in relationships, and can help us deal with up-coming situations such as serious illness in a friend or family member.
    The more we equip our children with tools to help them survive as adults, then the better parents we become....plus, it is so much fun to watch and join in as well :-)
    Sarah x

  11. So cute and imaginative play is soo good for them. I love their creativity. My kids play some of these too! lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  12. I love playing pretend. My girls are 9 and still pretend to be various professions and animals as well as rocketships, talking microwaves and other less traditional things. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  13. Love their imagination. Teachers are a big one in our house too, and cats. Such fun. Becky x #sharewithme

  14. My boys love being superheroes and spy's. They also pretend to be animals and babies with one taking care of the other. So fun to watch. Thanks for linking to #picknmix


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