My Birthday Wishlist

I can't believe we are in August already. Where has this year gone? I'm already planning Christmas... ok that is another post! Another year has flown for me already. It's my birthday on the 22nd of this month. I will be 23 years old and all I can think of is, another 2 years I will be 25! Half way off to 50. How is that even possible? I just hope it goes a little slower from now on.

Most birthdays I always spend with my two girls and family. This year my birthday is on a Saturday and I have booked a hotel for me and my partner to have a day and night away in Liverpool. I have been for a girly night out away in Liverpool with friends the past 2 years, so this year I fancied going again but with my partner. We're both really looking forward to it.

I feel really guilty that I won't be spending my actual birthday with my girls. But I am wanting to go out for food or do something on the Friday with them. So I am trying to think where to take them and what to do!

I don't really like asking for much things for my birthday but my wish list would be -

- Cake! What's a birthday without a cake?
- Gym clothes. I'd love some gym leggings and t-shirt.
- Money. To put towards some bills I need catching up on.
- One Direction concert tickets. Oh how cringey! But I love one direction!

That's it! Not much is it? I really can't think of anything else I would love for my birthday.

What did you get for your birthday? Or what is on your wish list?


  1. A night away sounds like it'll be awesome! I hope that you have a lovely birthday. I totally agree with you - what is a birthday without cake?!! And now that I've thought about it, I really would like some cake!!! xx

  2. Wishing you a Great Birthday, a Superb year and a PARTYOPEDIAFantastic year Ahead!
    I hope all Your Birthday Dreams and Wishes come True. - A Special Happy Birthday to You.


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