Planning My Blogging Corner

A few months ago I said I was thinking of transforming my room under the stairs, to a blogging space for me. The previous owners of our home used to have a little office under the stairs, that's one of the reasons why we loved this house when we were viewing it but since we have moved in the room under the stairs has been handy for storing the girls' bikes, scooters, my gift hamper items and a few other bits and bobs too. We have cleared it a few times, but now I have decided not to make it into my blogging space. I am hoping I can do something in the front room once we sort the girls out to sharing a bedroom. For now, I am using the dining room but a little fed up of so much paper work everywhere. We rarely use the dining table for meal times because I've got so many things on the table, including my laptop, printer, papers and many other items too.

I hope one day soon I will have my blogging space. Either it still be in the dinning room, but somewhere in the corner of the room so we can use the dining table for family meals or in the front room once we have sorted the girls to share a bedroom upstairs. I've been trying to think of many themes for my blogging space. I want it to my taste, so it may be a few different themes as I get pretty bored quickly. First of all, I will be looking for a small suitable and durable computer desk and a few shelves above the desk so I can store my paper work and any products I have to review.

I have been using the dinning table chairs whilst I blog, and they are not the most comfiest chairs out there. They can hurt my back most days. I guess it is my fault really for sitting on them for so long, blogging. So I will be looking for a new chair too. I can't wait until my own little space is finally done.

I love pretty print outs. I've always loved designing my own posters, although I have never really got round to it until now. They're not brilliant, but I know that I made them myself, so they will look great in my Blogging space {hopefully!}. As you can see from the designs I have made, they are black and white, with light coloured greys too. I am hoping to make more designs in future with light pastel colours such as blues and pinks, maybe yellows and greens too.
All I have to do now is print the designs out, and find pretty frames for them. But I am looking at making some home made bunting with some inspirational quotes. We will see!

Do you make your own quote designs?

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  1. I would love my own little space to blog. I bet you'll love it when you get yours done.


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