Mushy Pea Curry | Recipe

I recently made Mushy Pea curry. Whilst I was mixing all the ingredients, I wasn't really looking forward to it, it didn't look nice. The thoughts of the ingredients put in wasn't nice. Once I tried it, I was shocked, it was absolutely lovely. In fact, this will be a recipe I will be cooking quite often in the kitchen. You may have read one of my recent posts, telling you all about how motivated and determined I am feeling at the minute. I have been waiting for this feeling for months. Finally it has come back. I am interested in trying all kinds of new recipes, so if you have any, feel free to leave in the comments.

x2 tins of Mushy Peas
x1 tin of Baked Beans
x1 tin of Tomatoes {I used chopped tomatoes}
x1 Chicken or vegetable stock cube
Tbsp of curry powder
x1 diced onion

Optional - Garlic and diced chicken

Fry the chicken and onions {In Fry Light if on Slimming World}
After frying, add to new pan.
Add mushy peas, beans, tomatoes and stock cube.
Mix until all cooked and very hot.

Enjoy with rice, vegetables or anything you fancy.


  1. Haha it doesnt sound that nice but i bet it is. I'll have to try it sometime even though i don't like peas or beans haha! xx

    1. It doesn't no! Haha! But trust me, it's lovely! But I like peas and beans! xx


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