My Favourite Summer Dresses | Fashion Friday

This Summer has been pretty rubbish for us here in North Wales. Which is a shame. The girls haven't worn many dresses through the holidays but there are so many nice dresses around and I would love it if I had a bit more money and just buy them all! My favourite dress at the minute is the denim shirt dress from NEXT which costs £13 - £19, depending on what size you want. I think I put the wrong boots with the dress, but I think short ankle brown boots would look perfect with this dress.

I love this seasons look with NEXT. I have always been a lover of Denim clothes for children. I think the style really suits Elliw. Mia loves her dresses but not very often will she choose the 'pretty' ones. She prefers the ones with the characters, stripes, pink and a bit of sparkle. They suit her though, and of course they look pretty on her.

I have chosen a few of my favourite Summer Dresses here. There are links below, incase you fancy purchasing or viewing some. {I was not paid to write this post! I just honestly love these dresses, and wanted to share them with you}

Floral Prom Dress
Ditsy Print Denim Dress
Denim Longline Shirt Dress
Floral A-Line Dress
Pink Cord Dress
Ochre Cord Dress & Tights
Blue Floral Dress
Denim Character Dress

Do you like any of the dresses above?

A top and skirt I absolutely love and have to show you are these, from Thailand.


  1. Love that denim dress and I love how you paired it with them boots xx #weekendministyle

  2. Ahh are they not just the cutest little girls in the world. Like the above comment I'm loving the denim dress and boots, so edgy and it suits too. xx #weekendministyle

  3. I love that denim dress! How cute!! xx

  4. Very cute that denim dress - I think it suits her very well :) Of the ones you linked I really liked the one with the cats whiskers on the chest - soooo cute! (I am a sucker for little animal faces like that). #weekendministyle

  5. This makes me jealous. i have two boys and their clothes are not as cute as girls clothes. I love the denim dress too. Kirsten

  6. Ahh the shirt dress is too cute! I really like the dresses you chose, I like the one with the little cat face on the front :-)


  7. That denim dress is so fab. I'd wear it! I like it with the little ankle boots, looks super fashionable. She always has the best top knots in her hair too! Loving your favourite dress picks. I think the White dress with the Yellow flowers is one of my faves. So sweet. And how cute are the Thailand outfits! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for linking up and hope you had a great weekend doll xx #weekendministyle

    PS. Sorry for the late comment - wifi issues whilst we were away this weekend!

  8. oh my goodness how cue are they! The demin dress is so cute and im pretty sure i had one a couple of year back! haha! The matching outfits are super cute, i wish i ad a sister so we could have dressed the same - not the same with a brother! haha! Suz x

  9. Summer dresses are great aren't they! I think kids ones are so often prettier than adult ones! Love the denim ones! #justanotherlinky


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