Decorate A Family-Friendly Home

Whether you are renting or buying a house decorating can be one of the most exciting parts for most. But when you have children there are many things to think about to make your home family-friendly. One of my most important thing to have when you have children is space and storage. You need room to keep their toys, clothes and other essentials.

The living room should be the heart of the house. The room that will be filled with many memories as it will be the room you all will spend the most time together as a family. When you have children you will probably not be able to have your 'dream' living room. Ideally when you decorate a family-friendly living you will need to think of a few things:
- Ideally no plants or ornaments on the floor or in reach of babies/toddlers.
- The TV would be best stuck up on a wall or on a high TV cabinet so toddler can not reach.
- Make sure there is plenty of room for baby to crawl/walk, so ideally no coffee table in the middle.
- Hang photos up on the wall. This can make the room look cosy.
- Add a rug, again this will make the room look cosy and homely.

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank unter Schräge : Modern dressing room by meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH

When you decorate your child's bedroom, it should feel cosy and relaxing. A bedroom should feel like a peaceful and relaxing room for adult and child. Although I am sure through the years the child's bedroom theme will change as they grow older.
- Build indoor wardrobes for extra storage. You could also build a few extra shelves in wardrobes.
- Sort all toys into separate boxes.
- Keep some toys on wall shelves and bring down when needed.
- Black-out curtains are great for a child's bedroom at any age
- Warm colours can make a bedroom feel relaxing and cosy
A bathroom is what adults and children use several times a day. Whether we need the toilet, brush our teeth, wash our face, go to the bath/shower or even for us parents to have two minutes peace from the kids! (Odd place I know!) There are many ways you can decorate your bathroom to be family-friendly. You can check out some bathroom ideas over at Homify.
For some, the kitchen is the heart of the house. I would love an open place kitchen one day. Of course, a kitchen is where all the food gets prepared and cooked. A place where you have memories of baking with the kids, the kids doing a mess with the flour, and a place where you cook your favourite meals for the family.
To make a kitchen family-friendly it may be best to be sure the sharp knives are kept away in a locked cupboard or a high shelf where your child won't be able to reach. A kitchen looks beautiful when it is brightly painted or wallpapered.
Do you have any tips on how to decorate a family friendly home?
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  2. The room actually looks very great. I will surely follow your style.


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