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Since finding out I was pregnant it hasn't really felt really until I had my first scan. Then after a few days it stopped feeling 'real' up until recently when I felt my Baby bump harder than normal. Although it hadn't felt real, I did start buying some clothes quite early on. I had no idea how far I had gone or if everything was ok when I started buying things - which is wrong I guess but I had hope and I just wanted to see if it made things a bit more real.

Since the scan I am forever looking on websites and in stores at baby clothes. I can not wait to hopefully find out what we are having in our private booked 3D scan at the end of the month. Today, I am sharing a few of my favourite newborn unisex, girls and boys clothes from NEXT online. I have bought a couple already and I will state below which ones I have bought already.

1. Monochrome 3 Piece Set (bought already) £16.00-£17.00
2. Bright Animals 3 Piece Sleepsuits £17-£18
3. Born in 2016 (Bought already) £7.50
4. I Love My Daddy Sleepsuit £7
5. Sheep Velour Sleepsuit £10

I am in love with the monochrome style. Knowing Elliw is nearly 4 years old, I have to admit babies clothing really have changed through the years. Looking back at Mia and Elliw's baby clothes in photos they look pretty 'old fashioned' compared to this years modern clothing. But of course, to me they are not old fashioned.

1. Colourfull Dress & Tights £14-£15
2. Print Dress & Cardigan with Tights £23-£24
3. Floral Dungarees £17-£18
4. Pink Strawberry Dungarees with Bodysuit £15-£16
5. Blue Eccru Dungarees £17-£18

1. Blue Ship Set £14-£15
2. Dungarees & Body set £16-£17
3. I Love Milk Set  £13
4. Grey Striped Dungarees £16
5. Grey 2 Piece Set £11
6. Grey 2 Pack Rompers £13


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