30 Things To Do This Half Term - For Kids

The first couple of days of Half Term isn't that bad but a week or two weeks can be a pretty long time off school for the kids. They get bored. It is hard to try and constantly keep them happy, especially if you have run out of ideas or if the weather is gloomy. Here are 30 things to with the kids this half term -

1. Go out for a walk
2. Put your wellies on and go for a walk on a rainy day - Jumping in muddy puddles!
3. Visit Greenwood, North Wales
4. Go and stay over at a Travelodge for a night or two
5. Go out for food
6. Take the kids to a local play centre
7. Paint
8. Let the kids take photos
9. Visit a friends house
10. Meet up with a friend and have a day out with kids
11. Visit the park
12. Visit a family
13. Have a lazy duvet & DVD day
14. Have a teddy bear picnic indoors
15. Camp outside in back garden
16. Bake some cakes
17. Go to the beach
18. Ride bikes/scooters
19. Cook some pancakes
20. Dance to some music!
21. Make some homemade crafts
22. Visit a beach
23. Get your kids to help you de-clutter (make it fun!)
24. Visit a local event
25. Paint in bath tub!
26. Have an outdoor picnic
27. Go to a farm or zoo
28. Build a den
29. Play board games and jigsaws
30. Water play

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  1. Great ideas! Every day is half term for us till Abbies at school, but its nice to find lists like this for some daily inspiration! Off to make some cupcakes now! :) x



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