My 3D Gender Scan Experience

A few weeks ago I was searching on Google for places to go for an early gender scan but also a 3D scan too. I have never experienced a 3D scan with my girls so I was really keen to book one with this Baby, seeing as Baby is going to be my last. I wanted to try and book the scan on a weekend so my partner didn't have to miss work.

After looking at many sites, I finally found Hellobaby4dscan. I saw that their opening times is 7 days a week and the prices were very reasonable. You can book a gender scan from 15 onwards. I was 14 weeks 5 days when I went for my scan and the gender was 100% as it was so clear on the screen. I paid £60 for 15 minutes. The photo prints are £2.50 each, all images on a disk is £15 and there are many other things you can buy too.

Hellobaby4dscan is based in St.Helens, which is nearly 2 hours away from me. The scan was originally booked on Sunday, 31st January until they phoned me up a few days before telling me they had to dismiss the woman who supposed to scan me and offered me to come on the Saturday, 30th January. So that is what we did. My partner, his parents and the girls came.

When we finally arrived, it was pretty easy to find and we just parked on the side of the main road just a bit further up. The place inside is very small but I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for long. I had to sign a consent form and then I was called into the room within 2-3 minutes. I started to get so nervous.

We went into the scanning room and it was lovely. Everything was pink and blue. The chairs were lovely and so was the bed! There was a flat screen TV on the wall for us all to see. The first thing the scan woman asked me was if I wanted to know the gender, I said yes straight away. She was really friendly and asked if I would love a boy because she saw I had two girls.

She put the cold gel on my bump and pressed down, there we had it. My Baby was on the flat screen TV moving around. Instantly she found the sex of the baby. She asked me 'would you be disappointed if you had another girl if I told you?', I just looked at her and I wasn't sure what to say. Until then she said 'well, you're having a baby boy!'. I actually didn't believe her. I was so shocked. No words could describe how happy I was and everyone else in the room. From then on I had noticed he was not shy showing off his boy bits either! We also got to hear his heartbeat.

I am so glad I was able to experience the scan with my two girls. I was so nervous with how Mia would react but she was cuddling up with my partners Dad and she seemed so interested in the scan. Elliw was a bit hyper and running everywhere. I will be booking in for another 3D scan later on during my pregnancy, and although I really loved this place I would pay a bit extra for it to be closer next time.

You can check out more of our 3D photos on our gender reveal post here.


  1. Congratulations! We also had a gender scan second time round (more for sibling preperation) and she flicked over to 4d and saw her face. It was amazing!

  2. Aww1 How lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience x

  3. Aww, wow! I haven't had a 4D scan before, but it looks amazing. How wonderful to be able to see your babe's face - technology so quickly advances! x

  4. Congratulations! We had a 3D gender scan last time too, and it was just an incredible experience.

  5. Awww congrats! A baby boy. I had a 3d gender scan too. I was so pleased I did as even the 2d photos were much better than the ones I had in the nhs x

  6. Oh what a precious experience! Congratulations on having a baby boy. I was so lucky to get a 3D scan for my twin boys (I had gone for a regular scan but the sonographer was training to do 3D scans and wanted to try out 3D scanning twins). I had my older daughter with me and it was so amazing for us both to see our babies. It really is such a happy memory.

  7. Congratulations! I loved our 3d scan, although we had to go back 3 times as the cord was in the way and things. It's such a cool experience and very surreal knowing it's going on inside you! xx

  8. Yay congratulations, I had a 3d scan in the summer and it was fantastic. Wish I'd had it done with the boys, but 7 years ago it wasn't as popular.

  9. Oh wow, you were so close to me! I live less than 10 minutes away - I'm always amazed by how far people go for Hello Baby but they have a great reputation and quite a few celebrities go there I believe.


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