Comparing Pregnancies

The last couple of weeks I have noticed the difference between my first, second and third pregnancy. Even though my first and second pregnancy were totally different, I thought I wouldn't have another completely different pregnancy again! But it really is. I am trying my best to enjoy this pregnancy because this is going to be my last ever pregnancy. The last ever time I carry and grow a little baby inside of me. It does sadden me, but I am really looking forward to the future.

Different Symptoms
First Pregnancy - In my first pregnancy I didn't really suffer with any symptoms until 30 weeks. At 30 weeks I started Obstetric Cholestasis and that was the only main symptom through out the pregnancy. But at around 10 weeks and sometime around 15 weeks, I fainted at my first day at work and at Tesco by the till. But other than the light headedness due to low iron, I couldn't complain with my first pregnancy at all.

Second Pregnancy - From the start I could notice that the second pregnancy was different. I was having extremely bad nausea, every single evening up until 13-14 weeks. It soon calmed down. I also suffered badly with constipation and severe back ache. The back ache never got better, it just got worse. I had Braxton hicks pretty early with my second compared to the first. I went on my maternity leave at 30 weeks due to Obstetric Cholestasis again. I found the OC much worse second time round because I had a lot of sleepless nights and still had to wake up early morning to Mia. I couldn't rest as much. I also suffered with Pre-Natal Depression.

Third Pregnancy - So far, this pregnancy has been different. I suffer from nausea quite often. Nausea comes and goes through out the day and lasts about 15-20 minutes which isn't fun when I've got two little ones to look after. The nausea has calmed down and not coming as often *crossing fingers*. I am suffering from a lot of pains where baby is lying on my nerves and the pains go down my legs sometimes. As well as the nerve pains, I am suffering from a lot of period type pains, which isn't nice! I had it later on in pregnancy with my second, but not this early.

First Pregnancy - Milky Ways, Custard Creams and Twirls

Second Pregnancy - Garden Peas, Chocolate Eclairs and Ice

Third Pregnancy - So far I am loving Milky way's and milk!

How I Feel
First Pregnancy - I felt alone and petrified. I was 16 years old and pregnant. All my friends had their life, but I couldn't do what they were doing. It didn't bother me as much as I thought though. The baby's Dad didn't want anything to do with the baby at all during my pregnancy but my Dad was my rock throughout the whole 9 months. I felt guilty that I wasn't able to give my daughter a proper family, instead she was entering the world into a single parent family. Looking back, it was the best thing because I wouldn't have met my current partner. Everything happens for a reason, don't they?

Second Pregnancy - I suffered with Pre-Natal Depression during my second pregnancy. I didn't realise this until a few months down the line though. I was really excited but I wasn't as excited as I should have been. I was low, no energy and I was petrified on being a mum of two. I hardly had any friends who made an effort with me. I felt I wasn't good enough for some friends. I felt I had to pretend to be happy infront of my family and it was hard. The hardest thing was watching Mia growing up during the time I was pregnant and feeling I wasn't there for her as much as I could've been. If I wasn't in that dark place, I wouldn't of felt like that. I just wasn't sure how I was supposed to share my love between two.

Third Pregnancy - Up to now, I am a little bit scared on how Elliw is going to behave and react when baby arrives but I am not scared with the sharing love bit, because I know it happens the minute baby is born and in your arms for the first time. But I have instantly fallen in love with our unborn son the minute I saw him on the first scan. I am feeling a little worried about not getting everything done by the end of June. I'm also worried about not being able to go into labour myself this time. This is my last pregnancy, so it would be really nice to be able to go into labour myself instead of being induced.
This pregnancy has been hard. I've been awfully stressed with Elliw's behaviour. I won't go on too much about that on here though. I've been unwell with a bad cold, so that has put my mood lower too, but we will see! Hoping for a better few months ahead.

Finding Out
First Pregnancy - I was 7 days late when I found out I was pregnant with Mia. I remember going to Tesco with my friend to get a pregnancy test. She also got a test herself. We came back to my house and we both took turns to go to toilet to test. Hers came back negative. But when I went, I had pee'd on the stick and left the test on top of the radiator (which was off) and got trousers up and didn't really think anything of it. I had a quick look at the test and there it was. A very obvious red second line. I went back into my bedroom and told my friend. I burst into tears and she gave me a hug, which is what I really needed! I phoned up the baby's Dad and he was with his friends so he didn't believe me. But that was how I found out I was pregnant with my first! I was roughly 7 weeks pregnant when I found out.

Second Pregnancy - I was on the pill when I fell pregnant with my second. I missed 2 days in a month and I must have fell pregnant on that weekend. In fact, it was fathers day we conceived! Oops. Again, with another friend, I went to Tesco and got a pregnancy test. This time I couldn't wait, I was too impatient and decided to take the test in Tesco toilets. Straight away the second line came up. I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked. I was petrified that my partner was going to leave because of everything that happened during my first pregnancy. I phoned him up whilst he was out working on taxi's and told him. He came over the following day and we spoke about everything. I was roughly 5 weeks pregnant when I found out.

Third Pregnancy - This one is totally different to my other two pregnancies. It was a harder, upsetting and complicated first few weeks. I was due my period on October 1st 2015. I was late but I didn't really think anything of it. I had symptoms such as sore boobs and nausea but I waited until the second or third day until I took the first test. Negative. I think from then on I took a test every other day. I decided to visit the doctors on day 5 as I felt pregnant. He told me maybe I had low hormones and really early but to wait and come back the following week. So, I waited. I came back when I was around 8 days. Took a blood test, the results came back the following day and Negative. I then didn't take a test and was just waiting for my period to come on. On a Monday at 16 days late, I just had that feeling again. The feeling I was pregnant. So I bought a test and there it was, another line. Straight away.
I went back to doctors, and they confirmed I was pregnant. You can read the full story about how we found out here. I was roughly 4 weeks pregnant when I found out.


  1. It's amazing how each pregnancy is different Ive only got Blake at the moment but when we have another child it will be interesting to see how different/same the pregnancy will be.

  2. Isn't it mad how our bodies react differently to the same thing?! One thing though.... Garden peas?! 😂😂😂

  3. This is so interesting to read the differences between your three pregnancies. I'm currently expecting my second and the pregnancy is different and similar in various ways, I'm always wondering whether that means it's another girl or a boy this time! x

  4. I think ever pregnancy would be a difference experience as your life experiences and circumstances change. My pregnancies were polar opposites, the first I didn't know or show until 21 weeks where as with the twins I looked like I was 20 weeks at my first scan lol. Hope everything goes well x

  5. Four weeks is really early to find out you're pregnant. That's how far along we were when we found out about our first. Hope the third pregnancy goes well!

  6. All of my pregnancies were so incredibly different. It's great that you've wrote this post.

  7. Yes my three were all different to although for me they seemed to get easier each time

  8. I found my second much harder than my first, I'm not sure if it was a different gender, age, or having another child to look after (or all three!) but i did find it pretty hard, we're stopping at two but I think I'd find a third hard work. You look great btw! x

  9. It is amazing how different pregnancies are, I couldn't compare with my two as my 2nd was a twin pregnancy!


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