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I have decided that every Saturday I will write a post about something that has gone on during the week. I've always wanted to join in with weekly photos and talk about what we have been up to every day of the week but when it comes to Friday, I totally forget about what we did the day before, never mind the start of the week. So this is why I have decided to talk about one or two main things that have gone on during the week.

If you are Welsh you may of known that I was St.David's day on 1st March. The girls were allowed to dress up in red or anything related to Wales, to school. Before my partners parents went away to Thailand, they bought the girls some Welsh lady dresses, so they both wore that. They looked so adorable.

On 3rd of March you all may have known it was World Book Day, if you didn't then you may have noticed your Facebook homepage was full of children dressed up! My girls were so excited for this. I chose some costumes the previous weekend and this is the first year their school allowed them to dress up for World Book Day, so I was little excited too. I knew they would love their outfits, but they had to wait until the morning. Luckily, they both loved their outifts. Mia was her favourite character Dorothy and Elliw was little red riding hood, from then on we had to call her Red!

On Friday, my partner took the day off work. We finally started on the girls bedroom. We are giving the room a huge makeover, it is going to look completely different and I can not wait. I just hope it comes out exactly how I have it in my head, maybe a little better?! The girls currently sleep in separate rooms, but we are moving them into one room, so the Baby has the small bedroom.

If you had not seen Elliw's room previously, it was a Minnie Mouse and pink themed bedroom. We are not transforming the room to a Monochrome/Rainbow theme bedroom. All walls are being painted white but I will be adding a lot of things on the wall to make it feel like a warm welcoming children's bedroom. I can not wait. I am hoping to do a two part post with the make over as I do not think the makeover will be completed properly until middle or end of next week, as I am yet to buy a few more bits.

The girls had drawn on all 4 walls. Not little drawings either, huge drawings! Writing with biro, pencil, crayon and felt tip. Not fun. The paint wasn't covering so we had to sand everything down before we even started to paint. Bump happily helped!

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  1. Check out that bump, very impressive compared to my tiny thing! Girls look lovely dressed up for World Book Day, and I can't wait to see the bedroom transformation - reminds me I really need to sort baby #2 a nursery out soon. Thanks for linking to #snaphappy! Kaye xo

    1. Thanks lovely. I hope this kind of post is ok to link up?
      I'm excited to see how the room turns out too haha! X

  2. I remember dressing up in Welsh costume when I was a child on St David's Day, we learnt welsh songs and folk dances too.- happy memories! Your daughters look gorgeous in their World Book Day costumes too.

  3. Aw the girls look so cute in their outfits. I can't wait to see the room transformation x

  4. How lovely! The girls look like they had great fun dressing up this week x #KCACOLS

  5. Aw, those little outfits are so so cute! I was tempted to get a baby Welsh lady outfit this year, but they were a bit too expensive. Next year for sure though :D x #KCACOLS

  6. You're bump is gorgeous. And how exciting that you are decorating the girl's bedroom. I love the idea of a monochrome and rainbow themed bedroom. I can't wait to see what it looks like. Also, this pics of the girls dressing up (especially in the Welsh Lady outfits) are adorable. A lovely recap of your week. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  7. Your girls are gorgeous and how cute are those outfits?! You have such a lovely neat bump too. Can't wait to see the girls' finished bedroom :) xx

  8. Oh they look lovely! What little cuties you have. I am super jealous of your neat bump, all three of mine have been huge and spread right out! H x

  9. Aw I love the idea of a weekly post like this letting us know what you've been up to! Gorgeous photos of the girls and I think their new room sounds amazing X

  10. Love the girls costumes! We were allowed to dress up in red green or white last week or traditional outfit however Amelia doesnt have one. Can't wait to see the girls room! xx

  11. Your girls look great in their costumes! Mine went as Sophie from the BFG and Zog. Well done with the bedroom.. sounds like a lot of work!

  12. Those fancy dress outfits are adorable! Good luck with the redecoration. I'm sure your girls are going to love their new room. Thanks so much for sharing this with #KCACOLS and I hope you can pop back net week x

  13. Wow your bump is impressive, at 19 weeks mine was still hiding, I had proper bump envy lol. Love your girls dressing up outfits, they look so pretty x

  14. Your bump is coming along nicely! My twins school didn't do anything for world book day, how boring. Your girls look so cute in their outfits this week.


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