How The Girls Feel About Meeting Their Baby Brother | Part #2

When I found out I was expecting baby #3 my first thoughts were the girls. How would they react? How would Mia react in being a big sister again? and how would Elliw react being the middle child and a big sister for the first time? All kinds of questions were running through my head. It was hard not to mention it in the first 3 months, especially with the scares and worries.

When I finally had my first scan, which showed baby was doing well and growing healthily, I decided to tell the girls. Their reactions were so different. Mia was the one who didn't want to be a big sister again and she didn't want a baby in the house. Elliw was the one who was super excited and couldn't wait to be a big sister.

Now I am past the half way mark and I am 22 weeks this week. It's all changed, but for the good. Mia and Elliw are non stop asking questions about their baby brother. Asking so many questions such as when is he getting out of my belly (their words), when can they meet him and so on. I am so glad I booked a private gender scan at 14 weeks 5 days because I think that is what changed Mia's mind. Since that scan day she has been pretty excited. Sometimes she gets embarrassed and says she isn't but she loves to give bump kisses and cuddles, which is so lovely. Elliw also loves giving bump cuddles and kisses too! I just hope they are both this loving when baby boy arrives.

I am worried with how Elliw will cope with being the middle child but she is excited to becoming a big sister and she hasn't kept it quiet either. She loves telling people that there is a baby in my tummy and draws lots of photos of me with a baby in my tummy. I have noticed that she plays with dolls and prams a lot more too, which is a good thing I guess!

I am so happy that they are both so excited to meet their baby brother and I can not wait to take them both shopping with me and choose a few bits of their brother. I am glad that they are both at the age of being able to join in with what I do and I feel proud that I can experience that with them.

They make me so proud.


  1. Ohh its so wonderful to hear that they are so excited!! Eeekk! I'm delighted for you all. The boys would uber excited to be having a baby sister and both dote on her - Roo more than Tobes, but it's lovely to see. H x

  2. so lovely to hear how excited they are. I bet they will be all over him when he is born! so sweet x

  3. I am so glad to hear your girls are excited! I have the opposite, an unexcited Tyler! He has definitely improved from the early days and gives my bump kisses, but I feel he's going to be the reluctant big brother! x

  4. Aw I love this! I'm glad they're both so excited now and it's so cute that they draw pictures of you with your little one in your yummy. How adorable! :)
    X X

  5. Lovely to hear that they are excited. I was nervous about how our first born would react when we found out we were expecting baby number 2 but he was excited and has been a brilliant big brother from day 1. I bet the girls will dote on him when he is born.

  6. Oh it's so lovely when they get excited! I'm preparing myself for lamb to be really off with the baby as I know that can happen, but at the moment he keeps saying "can the baby come out now?" So cute! Xx

  7. Ohhh how sweet that they are both so excited! I often wonder what Bella will be like when we have another! xo

  8. Ahh congrats and so exciting to have a third. I would love another one. I think though MM would find it tough to be the middle child or maybe its just what she needs. lol :) Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry for delayed commenting we were away on holiday. #sharewithme


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