What To Do Whilst You're Expecting A Baby!

Finding out you are expecting a baby, whether it is your first, second, third or more is an exciting time. Knowing you are growing a little one inside of you is amazing. Another thought when you find out you are expecting is, a lot of things are going to change. You have 9 months to prepare yourself for the baby's arrival. It can be all so exciting but it can also be pretty stressful!

Before baby arrives make sure you get as much rest as you can. If you are expecting your first then I would advise you rest as often as you can. If you fall pregnant again, it's not so easy to rest because you are still having to look after your other child/children. It's important that you still get that exercise in daily, so don't forget that either.

Try not to stress out too much during your pregnancy, especially during the end as it can play up with your blood pressure. That's one of my reasons why I was induced early with my first baby. There are many ways you can de-stress yourself and just relax. Walking can help you de-stress and just forget about things. You could also play a bit of bingo to get some stress or pain away, play now at bingo sites.

You have 9 months or 7-8 months from when you found out, to get everything ready and prepared before baby arrives. I would advise you to get everything prepared at least 1 month before your due date or by 37 weeks the latest. If you're struggling to buy things there is usually a few baby events during the year with some big supermarkets. You could save a lot of money going to them or buying second hand items.

Choosing a name is another thing on the list that you need to sort out during your pregnancy, before baby is born. You might have found out what you are having but if you haven't you will need to think of two gender names or an uni-sex name that goes for both genders. This can be a hard one too choose and decide on. But you have up until 2 weeks after your baby is born to decide on this properly.

One last thing you can do whilst you are pregnant is sort the house out. When you arrive home with your little one and after your hospital stay, you will want to come back home to a de-cluttered, clean and tidy home. This will make you feel better and a lot more relaxed when you arrive back home.

How was your pregnancy?

* This is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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