Reasons Why You Should Visit Wales

I have written many posts about Thailand and why I want to go back there and I still say to this day that I can not wait to go back. We all say how much we want to visit these beautiful place abroad but hardly ever do we see people appreciating the country we live in. I have lived in North Wales all my life and although I have said many of times, I wish I could go somewhere abroad or move to another country, I must admit I do love my country. It's such a beautiful place and we are so lucky to live in a beautiful country.

Mountains - The mountains in Wales, especially North Wales, are just beautiful. Back in 2014 I climbed Wales' biggest mountain, Snowdon, which is 1085m high! Walking up there and seeing the stunning views was breath taking. Most places you go around North Wales you will see mountains and mountains.

- Porthmadog, North Wales.

- Snowdonia in the background, North Wales.

Trees - There are many forests and so many trees around Wales. I love going for forest walks and taking photos of trees. My favourite places I have been are Pembrey Park, Glynllifon and Newborough red squirrel forest. There are many more beautiful places to visit which I can't remember the names of and many others I haven't visited yet.

 - Beddgelert, North Wales
- Sain Ffagans/St.Fagans, Cardiff, South Wales

Places To Visit - There are many places to visit in Wales. There are places for children, adults and for the whole family. There are too many places to list but you should find some leaflets in big stores about places you can visit around the area you are in.

The Sun Does Come Out! - Everyone says Wales always rain but it's not entirely true. We do have some beautiful weather through the year. Not as often as we like but we do get the sun. The sun really does make the country an even more beautiful place. You can go and explore a lot more things when it's dry and bright.

Welsh Language - My first language is English as that is how I was brought up but I can speak very good Welsh and both my girls are Welsh. I think Welsh is such a beautiful language and the story behind the welsh language is so interesting.

Land - The land across Wales is breath taking. There are so many country parks around Wales which are truly breathtaking. Places you could just sit down and admire and appreciate everything you see.

 - Cardiff Bay, South Wales.
 - Pembrey Park, Llanelli, South Wales

 - Glynllifon, North Wales
 - Glynllifon, South Wales
 Aberystwyth, Mid-Wales
 - Llanberis, North Wales
 - Llanelli Beach, South Wales
 - Sain Ffagans/St.Fagans, Cardiff, South Wales
 - Sain Ffagans/St.Fagans, Cardiff, South Wales

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