The Last Baby Bits I Need To Buy

Seeing as I now have just under 3 months to go until Baby boy arrives, I have been thinking about the last few things we need to buy. I don't think I have ever been so laid back about buying the 'main' things. We've been really lucky to be given a lot of boys clothes, so we aren't too bad on baby clothes right now. I still want to buy a few more colourful and monochrome baby-grows.

There's still the nursery I need to do. Although he won't be in there until he sleeps all night and until I feel ready to put him there, I want it done as I have no space in my bedroom to keep all of his things. I have a few ideas for his nursery and if it comes out how I have it in my mind, it will turn out lovely! I have never had the chance to do a nursery before, so I am really looking forward to do it this time.

Pram : I have no idea what pram I want yet. I have seen a few lovely ones but I want one ideally with a big basket underneath and not too heavy. I have been around a few shops but I think I need to go again and have another good look and decide by the end of June.

Crib : I am stuck between the Snuzpod and Next2me crib. I am not sure which one to get yet, so I need to have a look around again and have a look at them in person to see which one I want.

Changing Bag : I really need to find a changing bag ready for the hospital but also one that I can use after he is born too. Ideally, I would like one with a lot of space to keep everything as more than likely, the girls things will somehow get in there too.

Changing Mat : These can be pretty cheap to buy. I never used one to change Elliw's nappies as I got used to changing her on my knee. But I found it really hand to lie them on the floor. My partner also used it to change nappies.

Coming Home Outfit : I am not sure what his coming home outfit will be yet. I have two babygrows here already, but I am not 100% sure. I would like something natural, white and something with brother on it. But I also have a white babygrow from NEXT which says the words 'Born in 2016' and it was one of the first things I bought him just after Christmas.

When did you manage to buy everything for the baby?

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