Coping With Pregnancy & Two Kids

I am not going to lie this pregnancy has by far been the hardest pregnancy compared to my first and second. I do wake up most mornings and think how am I going to last and cope all day? How am I going to do the school runs in the morning and afternoon? How am I going to cope with getting all the housework done. As I am getting bigger and further along in the pregnancy, I have worried more about how am I going to cope in the later stages. It would help if I did drive instead of having to rely on others and having to walk but I guess the walking part is good as any kind of exercise is good in pregnancy, isn't it?

I woke up this morning wondering how on earth am I going to get through the day? I was itching like mad {Obstetric Cholestasis} and I just felt rough. Throughout the day I have been feeling down, all kinds going through my head and just not feeling 100%. It doesn't help that I've been having pretty painful braxton hicks too which get me feeling really uncomfortable.

I am starting to lose energy and feeling extra tired the past week. But being pregnant and having two children who are 4 and 6 years old it is hard to have that day time or morning nap through the day. Mia goes to full time school but Elliw is part time school. Elliw can be very hard work. She is constantly on the go, wanting to do something and say something. Very rarely will she let me leave a room and let me just sit down for 5 minutes by myself quietly. I'm getting to the point that I am feeling exhausted. It's a hard thing admitting that you are feeling exhausted because of looking after your own kids, but that is how I feel.

Most days I sit down and just have no energy to do nothing. I don't feel 100%, listening to people talk makes me have a huge headache and I just can't concentrate on what anyone is saying most of the time. I am a lot more uncomfortable in this pregnancy than I was in my first and second pregnancy. I am struggling more and I am not going to deny it either.

My partner and I have booked a hotel at the end of June in Liverpool for one night. We are going to be child-free from Saturday morning to Sunday evening which I am really looking forward too. I think every parent deserves a break from their children now and then. This will be the first and the last child-free day and night we will have in the pregnancy and for a good few months again. We have had my partners Mother who has taken Elliw for us a few times for us to sort out the house but I think we really just need that break for a whole day and the whole night and wake up in the morning where all we have to do is get ourselves ready. This is something I really need and I can not wait.

In my first pregnancy I had no other responsibilities. I was on my own and I could do whatever I wanted. I'm not going to lie I did struggle in the last 10 week due to OC but other than that I can't complain. My second pregnancy was a little harder. I did suffer with severe back pain through out the pregnancy and OC again which was worse than the first time. I also suffered with pre-natal depression in the last ten weeks. I had Mia to wake up to and look after but she had no school at that age so I could still have those lazy days if I wanted. This third pregnancy is much harder. There are 9am and 3pm school runs to do and Thursday and Fridays I have an extra school run to do in between. There are two kids to look after and wake up to. Two kids who argue, talk and don't really give you much peace. Or do they let your sleep during the day {I've tried!}.

Both girls can be so good some days and even when they are good, they still want things and looking after and that can just make me shattered. The thought of having to make food, get them dressed for school, take them to school, do the washing, do the housework and everything else I have to do, just makes me tired and low. I just need a day and night away from 'reality'.

If you have read all the above, you can probably guess I am not having an enjoyable pregnancy at the moment and I can't see it getting better. I know I should enjoy it a lot more than what I am because this will be my last pregnancy but when you're not feeling to good then it is hard to enjoy it, isn't it. Although some of it is because of the kids and it's quite hard at the moment, a cuddle off the girls makes it all go away.


  1. Oh Beth, you do sound down. I only ever had to look after one child and my son was pretty easy to look after. Exercise is good, but it can't be nice knowing you have to do the school run twice a day, when you just want to be quiet and alone.

    The end of June seems so far off, but will come round pretty soon. I do hope you start to feel better, but if not don't be scared to say how you feel, it may just save your sanity!


  2. Ah bless I have one and I get you here. It's the constant on the go!! I bet you are so tired and the itching. Unless my daughter is chilling in front of the telly (which I hate) she wants me with her all the time. I love her to death but sometimes I just want to vegetate (or blog!) Won't be long but I know what you mean about savouring the pregnancy if it's your last. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. It really is important to have that time away from kiddos as much as it is amazing coming home to them after you have been away. It's all about balance and time with your partner too. It's great you can savor the pregnancy as its your last and know thats it. It won't be long and you will find your routine with three and things will seem easier. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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