Our Little Love Story #3 | Moving Out and Buying Our First Home

In the previous post about my partner and I, I mentioned that we moved in pretty quickly of us finding out I was expecting my second child. When Elliw was born within the first month we moved out to another private rented property in the village. This house was bigger. We were really struggling in the previous house and it was so small and no way there was enough room for an extra child. It was a big change as the price was much higher monthly, but the house was much bigger and with 3 bedrooms instead of two.

We settled down pretty well in the new house and made some lovely memories there. You can view my house post tour here. We lived there for 2 years until we decided it was time to buy a house. I don't really want to go into detail with financial things on here so I will keep all that out. We looked around for a while and visited a few houses for viewings. There were so many lovely and beautiful homes but we are parents and had to think wisely with the kids and also the future.

I found this certain house online one day and showed it to my partner. He really liked the look of it, so did I. So we decided to go an view the house. We instantly fell in love. We loved everything about the house, the street it was in, the size of the rooms, the size of the garden and everything else. There was also potential for an extension on the kitchen and also a loft conversion which we hope to do in a couple of years from now. after about 5 viewings, we decided to put an offer down. The first offer was declined but second offer was accepted and it took 5 or 6 months for us to move in.

We are still living here, 2 years on and we all love it. Sometimes my eldest wish we still lived in our previous rented house because it was right on the school yard, but she is pretty lazy walking ha ha. This house has been amazing. We've changed is so much and there is a lot more to do but it is our home and we are all so happy in it.

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