The Second Trimester

I am not sure if I should say that I am glad I am out of the second trimester because in all fariness, even though I have complained and moaned with hormones being all over the place and not feeling 100%, the last week of the second trimester going into the third trimester hasn't been the best. I feel like all my symptoms from the first trimester is coming back! Which isn't good.

The second trimester was a bit up and down. I had some good days and I had some awful days where I just wanted to sit in a dark corner and never come out. I have struggled with the life of being a Mum of two and being pregnant, I really have and I am not afraid to be honest either. It's hard. I must say the first pregnancy compared to a third pregnancy, there is so much difference.

I got diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis during my second trimester which wasn't what I wanted to happen so soon. I've had a few sleepless nights because of the itch but not as much as I thought {I guess I will have more soon!}. But most days I have just been feeling rough and feeling like I am not in my own skin because it just goes through me with the itching.

In all fairness the second trimester flew by, except the last 2 weeks where it went slow but I think it was because I just wanted to hit the third trimester. I have 12 weeks left until baby boy joins our family and it's so scary but all so exciting too. Bump has certainly grown a lot during the second trimester. I have noticed that a lot of my clothes aren't fitting me as well as before and I am struggling with what the wear.

Sleeping wasn't a problem up until a few weeks ago. Baby boy seems to love leaning right up against my stomach so when I try and turn from one side to the other it hurts, so most of the time I give up and either go on my back {which I can't stay for long} or just stay the same side I am on already. My partner has had a few kicks and moans off me because it sometimes goes through me when he tries to cuddle up to me - because he is too hot!

During the second trimester I found out that we were expecting a baby boy at our 3D scan that I had booked privately. We also had the NHS scan at 20 weeks which also showed baby was definitely a boy!

I don't really have anything else to say about the second trimester. I will do my third trimester experience after baby is born which will be in the next 12 weeks! How exciting, I can not wait.


  1. Ah OC is the worst, i developed that in my second pregnancy and the itching drove me crazy. I still can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going - you only have 12 weeks left til you meet your baby boy! xxx

  2. Congrats on your little boy! You must be so excited to finally welcome him into the world :) xx

  3. Oh no I have heard OC is awful, I hope you don't suffer with it too much. And you are looking fantastic! Not long to go really at all. x

  4. I feel for you. I really struggled on my second pregnancy so I can't imagine what it's like on a 3rd. You don't get any rest with other kiddies around. How lovely that you are having a boy. Won't be long now x

  5. OC sounds horrible. I hope it eases for you and doesn't get any worse. Pregnancy is so strange you never know how you will feel from one week to the next. I hope next week is a good one! :) Xx

  6. It's so interesting following your pregnancy. I really struggled in my third pregnancy. My hip and back pain was incredible.


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