Hospital Bag - For Mum

When it comes to that stage in your pregnancy where you need to start packing yours and baby's hospital bag, it can get really exciting. Making sure you have got everything packed can be a little stressful but a checklist is always a good idea to make sure you have got everything. Baby's bag is packed and ready. If you haven't seen what I have packed for baby then you can see my post here.

If you are packing your hospital bag soon, I would advise you to write a checklist first then tick as you go along. That really helped me. I will also write a checklist for you in the post (below). Be sure that the clothing you pack are comfortable. It really doesn't matter if your pyjamas or coming home clothes aren't 'fashionable' but it does matter if they aren't comfortable. Once you've had a baby your body has gone through so much, whether it is by c-section or vaginal birth, you need to feel comfortable.

So, what is in my hospital bag?

Maternity Towels/Pads - I bought these from Tesco for just £1.50 per pack. There's 20 in a pack and although I won't use 20, I'm taking a full pack just in case.

Breast Pads - I am taking some breast pads in case I leak, I will also be trying to breastfeed this time.

Baby's 1st Teddy - If you noticed in the photo above, the teddy is very light. I did that on purpose because it's a personalised teddy and has his name on it.

x4 Pairs of socks - I found a 4 pack of socks on sale in Tesco the other day so I decided to pack them, otherwise it would just be some of my old socks.

Thin dressing gown - Since the weather will probably still be warm, I do not fancy getting to hot in hospital. Instead of a thick dressing gown, I've bought myself a thin dressing gown from Matalan which only cost me £8. It will make me feel more comfortable walking around the ward.

Comfortable pyjamas - I bought my pyjamas from Matalan. I bought some thin pyjama bottoms and a nighty. I am thinking of packing two pyjama bottoms though just incase.

Slippers - Make sure you buy slippers with a rubber grip as you will be going to the toilets and shower rooms, and they are mostly wet floors.

Coming home clothes - For my coming home clothes I will be wearing my maternity leggings from H&M and a comfortable with flip flops or my slippers if it's not wet outside.

Mummy Baby Balm - I will be using this to put on myself after each feed. But not only is this balm great for chapped nipples, you can also use it on baby for craddle cap or eczma. You can also use it on yourself for dry skin on elbows or cracked heels. The balm is made from natural vegetable-based ingredients so it does not need to taken off before feeds.

Hair accessories - I have packed some bobbles and hair clips which will be used whilst I am in labour and after labour I am sure. There is nothing worse being exhausted and hot with your hair all over the place.

Knickers - Be sure to pick some really comfortable underwear. I've bought a simple 4 pack of black knickers from Primark for only £2.50.

Phone charger - I'm lucky my hospital have got plugs by each bed. I will be able to charge my phone to keep in contact with my partner, family and friends if needed.

Camera - Of course I will have to bring my camera with me. I will make sure my phone has a lot of memory too. I have asked my partner to make sure that he takes a lot of photos this time round as I had no photos in my first or second labour! So cross fingers he will this time.

Baby Elegance Nursing Pillow  - I thought I would bring this with me and see how it is with breastfeeding. It's great to use during pregnancy and after pregnancy for feeding.

Other items I will buy whilst at hospital are: Snacks and magazines. 

Don't forget the toiletries. After having your baby you should have a chance to go to the shower to freshen yourself up (if you had vaginal delivery). I loved my first showers after having my girls. I also couldn't wait for the next shower either. I managed to find this pink and white wash bag for only £2 in Tesco and it's the perfect size. I bought most of my toiletries from Boots as they were on offer 3 for 2 and perfect size for packing.

Shower gel
Body spray
Toothbrush holder
x2 Wash cloths

Is there anything I have missed? 


  1. I bet you're so excited and just want to get into the hospital and meet your little one x

  2. Aw what an exciting time making up your hospital bag must be! x

  3. These are definitely going to come in handy. I remember our hospital being surprisingly cold and I was really wishing for some warm socks.

  4. Sounds like you're really organised! Great checklist.

  5. ahhh so close! exciting times. i would never know what to bring to the hospital.

  6. This is so exciting. I bet it's all feeling more real now.

  7. Your so close now! You must be so excited xx

  8. Making up the hospital bag is such a landmark moment, you must be really excited, the time goes so quickly! x

  9. OOh and a book for when you are waiting ha x

  10. A camera will definitely come in handy in documenting your newborns first moments in the world. Knickers will be handy too.

  11. Ahh how exciting putting your hospital bag together! Definitely a great idea to write a check list.

  12. great check list it sounds like you have everything sorted.

  13. Awww I am sure soon you will be holding your baby and sounds like you have all you need in your hospital bag.

  14. Great post for expecting mums! Good luck with your delivery :)

  15. Well it certainly sounds like you have thought of everything! I wish you luck with the new arrival.

  16. I think you have got everything sorted and not missed anything. Hope your birth goes well hun xx

  17. Sooo exciting!!! I had an emergency c-section and a planned c-section, I made sure I have mahoosive pants that would sit quite high. Also I would recommend Arnica tablets as they help with bruising xxxx

  18. My hospital bag was literally a suitcase, I took so much stuff and never even used it haha. Good to have it there just in case.
    Plenty of hand cream, moisturiser and lip balm though

  19. I bought Extra Small scrubs and it fits pretty well, except the shirt is too small and the pants are perfect. I would suggest buying Small figs scrubs for men if you are near my physique.


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