35-36 Week Pregnancy Update

I wrote my last pregnancy update at 34 weeks and honestly, I have been so busy and so tired with hospital appointments, aches, pains, personal life and so on that I had forgotten to write up my 35 week pregnancy update last week. However, I thought I'd write a post for 35 and 36 weeks in one.

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- How am I feeling? -
I've been feeling really tired for the past two weeks. I'm now on iron tablets, which I should of been on a good few weeks ago but finally I'm on them and should help me with the light headed and not being able to stand up for long. I am getting really exhausted with these hospital appointments as they're never quickly done as you just never know what's going to happen when you go to a maternity assessment unit. The longest I have waited is up to 3 hours and then having to be on a monitor, waiting for a review from doctor and blood results it totals to maybe another 2-3 hours on top. It can be so exhausting. 

- Hospital Visits -
I still have my normal twice weekly hospital visits which inculde monitoring twice a week and bloods taken once a week. I have a growth scan when I am 37 weeks exact {Monday} and I also have one last consultant date on Wednesday morning.

- When Is Baby Due? -
Baby is due 25th of July but let's just say he will be here sooner than that. I have an induction date ready but I am not enitrely happy with the date because of the Obstetric Cholestasis condition, so I will find out more at my consultant date on Wednesday. I am keeping my induction date a secret! 

- How Are My Girls Reacting? -
The girls are so excited. Elliw keeps asking me how long there is to go and because she only needs to count on one hand now, she is just getting overly excited. Mia has said she is super excited to meet her little brother. I am so happy that they are really excited to meet him.

- Obstetric Cholestasis -
My blood levels are in normal range now which I am so pleased about! But I am still itching and I don't think that will go until baby arrives which is quite annoying but I'm getting used to it.

- Baby Boy -
On Saturday at 36 weeks 5 days I went to hospital due to reduced movements. All showed fine on the monitoring and he was a happy baby, a bit sleepy but OK! I will see on Monday how much he has grown because they've booked me in for another growth scan. 

- Ready? -
Not 100% yet. We still need to build the snuzpod, poco baby hammock and the Nomi highchair. Everything else is ready such as his clothes, baby's hospital bag and my hospital bag. I also feel ready in myself to have him.

- Sleeping -
I am really struggling to go to sleep and being comfortable all night. I wake up in the middle of the night every single night with huge pains and aches all over my body. I find it extremely hard to turn over in bed during the night. 

- Symptoms -
Braxton hicks
Very uncomfortable
Restless legs

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  1. Aww! Bless you! It sounds like you are having a rough time. It will all be worth it when the baby arrives. Sending love and hugs xxx


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