June {Siblings}

I can not believe that this is the last month ever that Elliw will be the youngest sibling. The last month of just the two of them as next month their baby brother will be joining them and I honestly can not wait for that first photo of them all together. I mentioned in May that I wanted to take 30 photos for 30 days through out June. I didn't manage to do that but I did manage to take a lot more photos that I usually did. Not enough with my big camera though, so they're not perfect quality.

It feels strange to think this is the last month with just the two girls and even though I feel 1000% pregnant I just can't imagine a newborn baby in between them. I am going to find it really interesting to see what kind of bond they will have with their baby brother. They have both had a lovely bond together as sisters but it will be interesting to see if it will be a different bond between a brother and sister. I am so looking forward to see how the girls are going to be with him.

The girls have been their usual selves this month. There's been the odd arguments and the odd playing nicely with each other. I have been feeling a bit guilty with them as I feel I can't do as much with them like I wish I could but seeing as the girls have the summer holidays soon, I will be making it up to them then with a lot of days out as a family.

Both girls have totally different personalities. Their characters are quite opposite. I must admit Elliw is harder work than Mia but I wouldn't change that for the world. They are who they are. They wouldn't be themselves without the attitudes, laughter, funny jokes and so on.

Elliw can be the most demanding little girl ever. If she wants something then she wants it now. She hates waiting for more than one second, literally. She is not afraid to show her temper side, she will happily throw herself on the floor and scream in the middle of shops. She won't play by herself for long, she loves to have an adult with her at most times. It's the same at school too. Sometimes it feels she does it for attention and other times it feels as if she is doing it because she doesn't have so much confidence. She can be a big handful but her good moods, politeness and cuteness makes up for the hard work. Even though she is hard work, she is a credit to me. She makes me so proud.

Mia can have a big temper on her and is really hard to handle by that. She has a mouth of a teenager! However, Mia is usually the little girl who will go out and play by herself. She loves her drawings, writing and playing teachers. She will happily play for a good few hours by herself. Also, just like her sister, Mia is polite, cute and well mannered which really makes up for the tempers.

When I fell pregnant at the age of 16, never did I think I would have two children by the age of 23 and pregnant again but this time with a little boy. I really didn't think my life would be like that. I feel so lucky to have two beautiful little girls in my life. They are my world and they make me so proud of them. Everything they do, I am proud of.

Knowing that June has passed does make me a little emotional because it's the last month of just the two of them. It's going to be so strange and I still can't imagine there being another little one {as I mentioned above}. It's going to be a whole new experience. I honestly can not wait to write July's Siblings post.

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