5 Ways To Gain Energy During Your Third Trimester

Usually your first and third trimester are the worst for loosing energy and just feeling tired all the time. Some people are lucky and feel energised all through, but many aren't so lucky. Personally, I find the third trimester harder as you are much bigger and struggle more doing this which can make you feel out of breath pretty easily and feel extra tired. There are a few ways you could yourself gain more energy during those times you have no energy.

Exercising : This could help you gain more energy. You should never do anything drastic. You could talk to a doctor before, just incase. But a simple 20-30 minute walk a day or walking up and down on a few extra steps on the stairs could help. You could also maybe join a local Yoga group or if your local gym does any exercise classes for pregnant women you could also join that. You will be socialising, keeping fit, feeling good of yourself and adding more energy.

Freida's Pantry Bars - These bars are a natural energy bar which helps boost your energy. The bars are great for new mums, busy mums and dads, mums to be and anyone else who would like that super boost of energy. I was given a few packs of these bars and it did take me a while to get used to the bars. I haven't had one every day but when I have had the bars I have noticed the difference, which is what I wanted. I wanted them to help me gain more energy. Running after two kids all day, every day can lower my energy. My Dad who is a cyclist also tried these bars out and said he felt a lot more energy after trying out the bars and is going to buy more bars for himself. 

Get Good Sleep : Be sure to have enough sleep during the night so you can be prepared for the day ahead. If you are feeling tired during the day then you could have a nap. During your third trimester, sleep can get very uncomfortable. Joints can be painful and you just can't get comfortable. Usually a pregnancy pillow can help you a little with this. It's important to try and get a good sleep. 

Eating The Right Foods : Eating the right foods can help you so much with your energy. Be sure never to let yourself get to the hunger stage. By doing this you can make sure you have some snacks in between meals ready such as fruit or yoghurts. You should try to stick to a balanced diet by getting the right nutrients inside you. Try your best to avoid fatty and sugary foods. 

Drink More : Although drinking is really important during pregnancy incase you get dehydrated, making sure you drink enough is important for yourself too. Going without a drink for hours can make you feel weak, light headed and not right. Sometimes we mistake that thirst for hunger, so I would advise you to take a drink first before extra snacking. 


  1. Did you do any of the pregnancy exercise classes? Everyone was raving about the aquanatal classes but I didn't go because I don't like water! I'll have to have a look for these energy bars I think. x

  2. Good tips. I forgot how much more water I need to drink during pregnancy - only problem is that it has to come out the other end. I pee more than my recently toilet trained toddler! Might try to find some of those energy bars. I stopped running around 19 weeks because I couldn't breathe but I've been going to aquanatal and pregnancy yoga classes. I always sleep better after those and feel much more rested the morning after too. All the better to wrangle a toddler...


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