6 Staple Pieces For Your Wardrobe

It’s important that a wardrobe features staple pieces. These are your go-to items that serve their purpose when you’re struggling to decide what to wear and need something you know you look good in. But if you’re wondering what actually falls into this category, we’ve broken it down for you:

1. Basic tees
If you’re considering staple pieces in terms of a capsule wardrobe, (which is made up of 37 items altogether) then you should have five or six of these in varying colours to wear with everything. Black, white, grey and striped are your best options and they shouldn’t take up too much space in your wardrobe.

2. A high quality jacket
Now, this can be featured in a number of styles, all depending on your personal look.
You’ve got the classic black leather design (we recommend
Superdry leather jackets for that oversized, rock star vibe) that works with everything, the denim jacket that’s great for spring weather or the duster coat perfect for wrapping up in come winter. Move your jackets in and out of your wardrobe per season, that wool duster coat might be an investment so pop it in a box under the bed when it’s not needed and bring out the staple denim jacket.

3. Versatile jeans
We’re going to suggest skinnies when it comes to this staple item, because skinnies work for both day and nighttime looks and go with pretty much everything. However, for those who don’t enjoy wiggling into their jeans, a pair of boyfriend jeans are another great option and while a little looser on the fit can be styled with most items in your wardrobe.  

4. Little black dress
Every wardrobe needs one of these, perfect for big meetings in the office or that date on a Friday night, it’s a timeless piece that looks great on absolutely everyone. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in, whether that’s a loose fitting shift dress or a wiggle fit. You can pair it with any of your staple jackets and you know you’ll always have something to wear for those last minute nights out or any special occasion.

5. Black slim fit trousers
Either grazing the ankle or full length, a black slim fit trouser is a staple you definitely need in your wardrobe. They look great with heels and a fitted shirt or can be worn with trainers and a casual t-shirt if your jeans are still in the wash. If you prefer an edgier look a pair of black leather trousers are a great alternative and rarely go out of fashion – in fact, they’re hot property when it comes to models and stylists so you’ll definitely be doing something right.

6. A cashmere jumper
Cashmere might make you raise your eyebrows and question the expense, but every penny is worth it and you can actually pick up a cashmere jumper for around £50 these days that will be made to last. Perfect for the office with a shirt worn underneath or with your casual jeans at the weekend and trainers if you’re heading out to do a spot of shopping, this jumper will become your new best friend and is definitely a staple item.

Fill your wardrobe with things you love, even if that means five or six of the same style t-shirt in different colours, and know that you always have something to wear. 

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