Elliw's Update

I haven't written an update about the girls for a long time, so I thought it's about time for me to write an update each for them. Seeing as they are both having their last week at school next week, this was the perfect timing.

Elliw turned 4 years old in March and I can't believe how much she has grown since. Comparing to how she was last year with her speech and language and to how she is this year, there is a huge difference. She has improved so much in just a year. She has been attending a speech and language school 3 times a week since last September and I remember I was so nervous letting her go there as she needed a taxi to go there and it was in the next town to me. I was very nervous. However, the teachers made me feel so much better and a lot more comfortable and as the weeks went by Elliw was loving it there. She made some lovely little friends too and her speech was improving each week.

She had her last day in the school last Wednesday, so she will be allowed to attend the local school every day next week which I feel is a big step. Even though she has been attending the local school twice a week for a year, knowing she will be there five times next weeks just feels like a bigger step again. I don't have any worries about her attending every day though as her confidence is good and her speech is really well now.

Elliw has been loving her dolls recently. She has a certain doll which I bought her from the charity shop about a year ago and only cost me £3. I had also bought her a £30+ one Christmas, and which doll does she prefer? The £3 one from that charity shop. She absolutely loves it. I am not sure if she has taken more of an interest in playing with dolls because she knows there is a baby on it's way but it is nice watching her.

She has had a huge interest in learning to write recently. She is able to write her own name and recently she has learnt how to write Mia's name too. She has also written the numbers 1, 2 and 3 all by herself. It was such a shock when she came up to me to show me the words and numbers she wrote. She was so proud to show me what she had done and learnt herself.

Elliw's behaviour and temper hasn't changed much and I can't really see her changing either. At both parent's evenings I have been told she always wants an adult with her and it's the same at home. Which can be pretty tough because I can't constantly be there in the same room as her when I have work and housework to do too. She can be very hard to control when she has a tempers, it will take a long time for her to calm down and understand anything we try and tell her. She loves repeating herself but each time she repeats what she says it gets louder and louder and more into a temper voice. She isn't a patient little girl, at all.

Other than her behaviour and temper, Elliw can be the most lovliest little girl. She is so funny and comes out with something funny every day. She and Mia are the light of the house. Elliw loves her cuddles and being praised. She is very polite by saying thank you and please, even if I have to remind her sometimes she will still say it with no problems.

I am so proud with what she has achieved the past few years. She is growing up to be a right little madam but also a right polite beautiful little girl and I wouldn't change her for world.

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