The Waiting Game #1

I had my consultant appointment last week and I must say I really hated the woman we saw, she wasn't my usual consultant. I found the woman quite rude and I wish I would have stopped being so upset and opened my mouth more but oh well, it's done with now. I still have the same induction date, which I was not happy about but the only good thing out of the appointment was she allowed me to have a sweep at my next appointment at the maternity assessment unit which I attend twice a week to be monitored and weekly bloods because of Obstetric Cholestasis.

Friday, 8th of July
For some reason I felt so nervous Friday morning. I was excited about getting the sweep. I had asked on a few pregnancy and parenting facebook groups the evening before to see if the sweep worked for them and most said it did, so my hope were high. A bit too high. 

Friday morning came and I got monitored as usual and baby was all good. I then went to the treatment room and the midwife did the stretch and sweep. She told me could easily break my waters but she wouldn't, she could also feel baby's head and that I was 2cm dilated. As she did it a bit of my show came too. I was getting really impatient and just wanted something different to happen but nothing did for the rest of the day or night.

Saturday, 9th of July
I had two bloody shows and a part of my mucus plug had started coming out too. I had been going to toilet more often, with lower back pains now and then but not often. I was getting tightenings but not regular. I did feel different because baby's head just felt so low. Again, other than those signs, nothing else happened and I started to feel quite down about it. 

For tea I had spicy pizza, hot curry from takeaway and some pineapple juice to hopefully get things started. For some reason I started to feel really desperate for something to happen. 

Sunday, 10th of July
A huge part of my plug came out, which I'm not sure if that is any kind of sign but it must be something. Again, baby feels very low. I had the same as Saturday and other than that nothing else has happened. In the evening I did feel nausea and I had a few period type pains but they were nothing regular. Today I did feel really tired and just felt like I had no energy at all. I started to feel really fed up and annoyed. I had put my hopes up way too high. 

Monday, 11th of July
Shockingly, I had a lot of my energy back today. I did a lot of tidying which I usually struggle with but something was telling me to just do it and I was in the mood to do it too. I danced around like a lunatic with Elliw, she loved it. I haven't thought too much about the sweep today and have tried to keep myself busy to forget about it. I had a lot of the mucus plug again in the morning. A few tightenings during the day but nothing regular. I had period type pains in the morning and a couple of times during the afternoon but nothing to really complain about. I have got another sweep tomorrow morning so I hope it does something as I know things have changed down there since Friday. 

I am feeling quite annoyed that I put my hopes up too high on Friday and I've gone the whole weekend with signs but nothing properly actually happening. I do think that I need my waters to break for any contractions to start because that's how my contractions started in my previous pregnancies. I would like my waters to break naturally this time but for some reason I just can't see it happening and I will be induced, again. I am still keeping the induction date a secret but I will be writing a part #2 of 'The waiting game'.

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