Preparing For Labour 3rd Time Round

I wrote a post the other day about how I felt about going into labour for the third time. The closer I am getting to my induction date the more nervous I am about going into labour but because this time they have given me the sweep before my induction date I am really hoping I can go into labour by myself, with the help of the sweep.

Have I really prepared myself? I'm not quite sure but I do have mine and baby's hospital bags packed and ready, along with the car seat next to the bags. I have been trying to think of a few things I would like to do differently this time whilst I am in labour. I will be stuck on the monitor so I won't be able to do exactly what I like but I do hope that maybe I can move off the bed or get into a different position but if my labour is anything like my second labour then it's going to be a quick one and I won't have even thought about moving to a different position.

My last two labours I wore a night dress with both but I think the wards are going to be really hot this time, during July too. I have packed a thin cami dress type vest, so it's long and got very thin straps. I bought quite a big size so hopefully it will be perfect to get straight into breastfeeding whilst having the first cuddle too.

My partner said that he doesn't want to cut the cord this time, it goes through him, haha! So I have decided I will ask to do it if I remember as I haven't cut the cord of any of my girls, so it would be nice to cut the cord of my last child. I am really looking forward to see how much he weighs, it will be really shocking if he is in the 8lbs! Not so surprising if he is near the 10lbs though.

I feel like my body is ready but I just need my waters to break! Since I had the sweep things have changed but nothing really has happened for me to go to hospital with pains or waters breaking, which I am gutted about. I am hoping my second sweep will help me kick start things even more. I feel like I really want to go into labour by myself for a change. I want to experience it, seeing as this will be my last pregnancy.

One thing I am planning and hoping to stick to is not to scream or moan too much whilst in labour. I am going to try my breathing and I am hoping there is quite a strict midwife there to help me like they did in my second labour too. We will have to just wait and see how things go.

Another thing that will be different this time round is I will have two children to try and find babysitting for. I have been lucky and my partners Mother said she will take both of them but if I can find someone else in the family who is able too, they will take one of them. Writing this I need to pack a bag each for them too which I totally forgot about.

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