How To Find Your Perfect Hobby

For some people, their hobby finds them at an early age and they continue it into adulthood – some even turn it in to a profession. But, if you don’t have a hobby and want one, deciding which one to do can be difficult – especially as you get older.

But, your new passion is out there somewhere just waiting for you to discover it and you won’t know until you try, so here are a few ways you can find your perfect hobby.

Before you do anything else – research. This couldn’t be easier now the Internet is at our fingertips and you could find that there is a hobby out there you never even knew existed, but is perfect for you.

You could also get a magazine subscription – there are plenty of titles specific to different hobbies – from gardening and knitting to photography and fishing.

This is perfect when you are deciding whether to pursue the hobby as it will give you an idea of what is involved and all the information you need, should you take it up.
If you do decide to start this particular hobby, you can improve your skills via weekly (or monthly – depending on the title) updates and tips.

Take a quiz
There are plenty of quizzes online to help you determine which hobby would suit you best. Of course, more often than not, these are a bit of fun – but you may find some of them helpful. At the very least it may give you some ideas!

Ask yourself a few questions
Answering a couple of questions will help you to determine the type of hobby you might want to take up.

What do you enjoy doing? Perhaps you love to be outside, but dislike doing sport – this might point you in the direction of gardening, for example.

Do you want to be part of a team? If you do then you know you want a hobby that involves other people, such as joining a netball or football team – or even setting up your own. If you don’t then you probably want to look for a hobby that you can easily do on your own, perhaps without even having to leave the house.

There are also hobbies that can be done both on your own or with other people. Take photography for example; this is easily done on your own but you could set up a group – perhaps at work or via social media – of likeminded people. 
Is there something you already do that you could turn into a hobby? Perhaps there is something you do casually, every now and again but really enjoy – if so maybe this could be your hobby.

What hobbies do your friends do? Would any of those interest you? If so these are the perfect people to speak to and find out more – perhaps they could even take you along to try it out.

Try them out

Do try them out – you have nothing to lose - you don’t know until you try, you might love it, or you could hate it. Either way you will know – and you don’t have to continue with it if you don’t want to. You could find that there are a few different hobbies you enjoy doing. 

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