Mia's Update

Seeing as I wrote Elliw's update the other day, I thought I would write an update about Mia too. I haven't written an update for Mia for a long time, so it's about time I write one. Mia has grown up so much in the past few months. Very rarely does she need help getting changed anymore as she will choose her own clothes and dress herself. She does have a habit of changing her outfit more than three times a day which can be very annoying, but it just shows how much she is growing up.

Mia has interest in music and her favourite songs are 'Shut up and dance' and Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'. She isn't fully into music yet though. But her main interest is her stationary and writing. She will draw sometimes but writing is what you will probably see her do most. It's so nice seeing a mini-me doing the same things as I loved when I was her age.

Mia is obsessed with doing hand stands at the moment, indoors and outdoors. I do have to tell her to calm down sometimes as she would do it for hours if she could. Mia loves attending school but she will get some days where she tells me she doesn't want to go because she wants a lie in bed. Otherwise, she loves it. She comes home with many drawings and colouring that she does. Her colouring and writing has improved so much in the past few months, although they were both already fantastic for her age anyway.

Mia went on holiday last week with her Dad, partner and her little sister. She absolutely loved it. She was full of stories when she arrived home. I missed so many things about her when she was away. The house was missing something and was a bit too quiet without her. I am glad she is back home with us now but I am so happy she had a fantastic holiday too.

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