Selling The Family Home: What To Do When The Kids Are All Grown UP

So, your kids have grown up and moved on to start their own lives in their own property, and now the home you raised them in is feeling large and empty. You have three or four rooms that were once the kids bedrooms and/or playrooms that now sit empty bar the odd weekend when one of them comes back to visit.   

As much as you love your home and have filled it with happy memories over the years, perhaps it is time to let it go. This might not be easy, and even though the kids don’t live there anymore they will probably find the decision as hard as you, but it does come with countless benefits.  

So, what next? 

Well, you could downsize
Firstly, you will be better off financially not just from selling your home, but because the costs will be lower running a smaller house – you won’t be paying to heat rooms, for example, that you aren’t using! Just imagine the exotic holidays you could go on with all that extra money in your bank account.

You will also have more free time because a smaller house means less to clean – which is probably enough to convince you, right? No one wants to spend their life cleaning, when instead they could be going out for long country walks, having lunch with friends or enjoying day trips with family.

Move to the country or by the sea
When downsizing you home it is important to look to the future, because this is likely to be the home you grow old in. So, where do you want this to be? In the country, so you have breath in fresh air every day rather than the fumes you find in large built up cities and towns? Or maybe you would prefer to be by the sea, because there is nothing better than spending your days sitting on the sand, looking out on the sea as the sun beats down on you.

Or travel?  
Talking about sun, sea and sand, once you have sold your home you are no longer tied to anything, so why not create some more memories and have once in a lifetime experiences, by using the money you have from your home, to travel the world before you purchase another property.

Rather than being cooped up in your house ironing, cooking and cleaning as the rain pours down outside, you could be swimming with sharks in Thailand, sightseeing in Sydney, and sipping cocktails in Sri Lanka. 

Whether you travel for months or years, you still have the option to come back to England and downsize – that is if you ever want to return.

Retire abroad

Why not take it one step further and rather than just travel around the world, move abroad! Perhaps you have always loved the lifestyle of the Spanish – siestas and fiestas! Well, now is the time! What is stopping you? You are only a short plane ride from your kids (if they are still living in the UK) and you can enjoy endless sun!

If you’ve already started thinking about selling your home, but are now feeling truly inspired and want to do it right now then why not sell it to a cash buyer, such as We Buy Any Home? Instead of having to wait 65 days – which is the average amount of time it takes to sell with an estate agent - you could be on a plane in just over a week.

The world is your oyster, as they say. You have committed the last 18 or so years of your life to raising your family, and now it is time to think about yourself again! 

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