My Favourite Baby Items #1

Baby boy isn't here yet but for the past few months I have been looking around and buying things for him. We have also been extremely lucky to have been sent a few items from some amazing companies too. Although most items are built up and ready there are other items I am still needing to build together so I decided to do part 1 and put the rest up in a separate post.

Baby items are a lot more modern these days compared to when I had my first and second child. It's been 4 years and it has been interesting seeing how much things have changed within the 4 years. Even the clothing styles have changed. There are my favourite baby items so far;

Since I went to Thailand last year I have really liked anything to do with elephants and when I fell pregnant, there have been so many elephant prints, toys and teddies around. I found this beautiful 'My First Elephant' teddy at Mamas and Papas and I just had to get it. It goes perfect with the theme I want his bedroom, grey, blue and white.

I was searching on Etsy for unique items that I could buy for baby and I came across this beautiful handmade elephant pattern blanket , I fell in love with the patterns and colours of this blanket. Delivery wasn't that long and the back of the blanket is really soft, which is perfect.

How beautiful is this hand knitted blanket? I ordered this from the lovely Laura at Knitty Knatty Laura. I had ordered a hand knitted cardigan before ordering this blanket and I was so pleased with it. I would really recommend Laura if you love hand knitted items just like I do!

For months and months I was trying my best to decided which crib to go for. As I will be breast feeding this time round I was wanting something bigger than the moses basket and saw the two popular cribs, Snuzpod and Chicco, Next 2 me. The price of the Snuz pulled me off on wanting one but then each store I visited that had the Next 2 Me crib built, I was pulled off with how it looked and how it didn't feel sturdy enough {my opinion}. Just recently I found the Snuzpod at pretty much a good price on Amazon and it came with the mattress. My partners Mother offered to buy the crib too which we are so thankful for.

When I had my first daughter I was given a pram by my uncle so I didn't really have a choice but I really liked the pram so I was happy. When I was pregnant with my second, I couldn't really go for a single pram like I wanted as Mia was still in the stage of needing a pram to go to most places. I had many people telling me to just buy a single pram and a buggy board but I can now be honest and say they were wrong! I was glad I went for a double pram. I found an iCandy tandem pram on a second hand side and the pram did perfect for us for many months.

Prams have changed so much within the 4 years. I love how brightly coloured they are now. One thing I knew what I wanted with this next pram was a carrycot. I had no carry cot with any of the other two prams and I love them on prams. I was very lucky to be given an UPPAbaby VISTA pram to review. I really couldn't wait for it to arrive and build it up to see what it looked like. I was extremely happy and can not wait to take baby out for a walk in his new pram for the first time. You can read about my first thoughts here.

As I said above, there are many modern baby items around these days compared to 4 and 6-7 years ago. I was given a baby hammock from Poco Baby Hammocks not long ago and I was really interested to see what it was like once built. I was actually really pleased and it is in the living room corner all ready for baby to arrive and have a nap in it.

One item I hadn't thought about until a couple of months ago was a changing bag. There are so many changing bags around and I felt because I have two other children, I needed a bag that could do for all three children not just the baby. We were given this gorgeous Voyage changing bag by ToTs to review. When I recieved the bag I was extremely pleased about the size of the bag. Even though I have filled the bag with baby's items, the bag still feels pretty light.

One thing I never really did when my girls were a baby was cuddle them up in swaddle blankets but I shall try it this time and I am looking forward for it too. I was given a beautiful swaddle blanket from Bambini and Me not long ago and of course, I fell in love with the elephant pattern and colour of the swaddle. It's also big enough to be a cover whilst breastfeeding which is a bonus.

Another baby item that has changed so much within the past 4 years is car seats. There are so many car seat rule changes that have taken place, as well as them looking more modern. I received a beautiful Evolution Pro 2 Kiddy UK car seat a few months ago and I instantly fell in love with it's 'egg' shaped seat and bright and bold colour seat.

What were your favourite baby items?


  1. Loved your baby boy items, my youngest is also a boy that's why I am very excited when he was born. An arrival that I anticipate on discussing via research paper writer.

  2. such a beautiful list! I've also looked at the chicco next to me and was a bit unsure. But a friend of mine gave me a bamboo bed which looks amazing (and also a mattress-protector from the little green sheep)


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