Things To Do With Kids Over The Summer Holidays

Either your child has already started their summer holidays or their on their last week, trying to think on what to do with the kids for the next 6 or 7 weeks can be hard. 6-7 weeks is a long time for a child to be off school as they are so used to a simple routine of going to school 5 days a week, they are kept busy through those school hours and then again when they arrive home but having them home 24/7 for the whole 6-7 weeks can be a tough one for both parent and child.

So what is there to do with the children over the summer holidays? 
There are a few things you could do with the kids. Firstly, it may be easier to draw a chart table and write down what kind of activities you think the kids will like. If you don't fancy writing down activities in a chart and going by that then you could always get the kids involved by writing down or telling you their favourite activities, then put all the activities into a bowl and each day you or the child pick out one piece of paper a day and that is the day planned for you all.

What if it rains?
You don't have to do everything outside, there are so many activities you can indoors and outdoors when it rains. Why not build an indoor den and watch movies? You could even have a day of sorting toys out or if you're all up to it, get changed into your waterproofs and go out in the rain and do some outdoor rainy activities.

I can't think of many things to do 
There are so many things you can do with the kids. I have even listed 100 activities you can do with the kids before. Also, if you are looking to travel or live in North Wales there are many things to do in North Wales with children such as visiting beautiful beaches, going to arcades, visiting farms and many more places.

Check out local newspapers and events
Usually during school holidays there are many local events happening in different areas. It may be a good idea to check our your local newspapers for any advertisements or going online to see if you can find out what is happening in your area during the school holidays.

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