1 Month Update {Freddie & Me}

I can not believe I am actually writing Freddie's 1 month update. How is he 1 whole month already? Where has the time gone? This past month has been amazing, there has been a few ups and downs but I really wouldn't want it any other way. My little boy has really completed our little family and we are all so happy. Couldn't imagine my life without him now.

I've decided to stop writing postpartum posts after this one and just concentrate on Freddie's update, my weight loss journey and breastfeeding journey in separate posts from now on. So, this week has been pretty much up and down for me. I haven't had much sleep but there was one night when Freddie had a good night sleep {yay!}. My Dad took the girls overnight for me and it was a much needed break and it was good for Freddie and I just to relax too. All in all, I have been ok this week.

I am so glad I'm sticking to breastfeeding. I can't see myself stopping anytime soon either. I ran out of cream the other day so I had about 1-2 days with no cream and it's taken a few days to recover but I am ok now. I am in love with the bond that Freddie and I have. It's just amazing.

I totally missed my Slimming World group last Wednesday! I was so busy with Freddie as he just wasn't settling and he was cluster feeding. I missed the time and then I was to late to attend group so I will have to go back this Wednesday to see how I got on. 

Week 1: 14lbs off
Week 2: 5.5lbs off
Week 3: 2lbs off

21lbs off so far.  


He's had a few bad nights and about one or two good nights. The bad nights he was waking up nearly every hour and the good nights he slept from 11-12 until 3am, half an hour feed then back to sleep until 7am. Some days he will sleep in the day fine but others he won't. It does get tiring but I shouldn't complain about all the cuddles I am getting! 

My little boy is just amazing. He did his first proper smile on the 11th of August, he looked super cute if I say so myself. The girls are besotted with him and he gets so much attention of his big sisters and everybody else. He is currently in 0-3 clothes and newborns are too small on him as he's too long. He loves his cuddles, especially from me. He also loves his baths, he's so quiet just chilling in his bath chair.

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  1. Aww...look at that little face. He's so cute and there's a smile. Your weight loss is good! I found it very hard to lose any weight while I was breastfeeding. Thanks for sharing Freddie's update with #bigpinklink


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