BabyZen Zen Pram {My First Thoughts}

A couple of weeks ago I received the gorgeous Zen pram by BabyZen. I have been given the pram to test out for a few weeks and I can't wait too share my full thoughts on the pram once we have finished testing. I was given the 3 wheeler, all terrain Zen pram to test out and I was really looking forward to test it out. Firstly, I am going to share my first thoughts on this pram.

When I received the pram I couldn't wait to put the pram together - so I did it that morning. I unboxed everything and read the instructions. I honestly found it quite difficult to put together and I was getting really confused by it all. I did give up in the end and decided to carry on the following day. Before starting again, I decided to watch some videos on YouTube. I eventually understood how to set it up and put the carrycot onto the frame.

This BabyZen Zen pram comes in 5 different colour packs which include pink, blue and more. The frame comes in a white or black colour. I decided to try the grey and black set and I love it. The material of the hood, carrycot mattress and carrycot cover is lovely and soft. I was really interested to see how I would be pushing a 3 wheeled pram as I had been used to a 4 wheeled pram.

I found the pram extremely smooth to push when we went for a walk. I have tested the pram out on some bumpy pavements, down streets and out for a walk and in all places the pram was still really smooth to push. I really can not fault the smoothness and how easy it is to push the pram. I did find it a little heavy but still lighter than other prams these days. I found it difficult with such a small basket, especially that I have two other children, I found the basket was a little bit on the small side and it could do with a bigger one.

Other than the basket being to small and difficult to set up - I do like this pram. It's really nice to push and I like how you can choose your own coloured set. I still have a few more weeks to test this pram out, so keep an eye out on social media about our walks and my thoughts on the BabyZen Zen pram.
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Keep an eye out for my 'main review' post, where I will tell you all about the BabyZen Zen features and my final thoughts on the pram.


* I have been given the BabyZen Zen pram to hire free of charge in return of an honest review.
All words and photos are my own. 
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  1. Looks nice, but the image seems to show that there would be plenty of space to make the basket twice the size so yes I agree with you, why so small? And I always find instructions difficult #Triedtested

  2. It's a shame it was so hard to put together - I usually just pass them over to my husband when things get tricky ;)

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. It's actually quite a nice looking pram, I've seen photos before and not been too sure on them but I've never actually seen one in real life! Xxx


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