UPPABABY Vista Pram Review

A few months ago I was sent the UPPABABY Vista Pram to review, and I also wrote my first thoughts of the Vista pram. Before writing this main review, I wanted to try the pram out for a good few weeks before writing up my thoughts. I have been on many walks with the Vista and using it daily for school runs, it's been on a beach, rocky paths and even through wind and rain. I have also used the carrycot, toddler seat, and Kiddy UK car seat.

When I received the Vista pram, I instantly fell in love with the bright blue colour, and I've had many comments about how beautiful the pram looks but most of all, about the size of the basket. The large basket is perfect if you have more than one child. I haven't needed to buy any hooks to stick on the handlebar to carry bags because the basket is big enough for my changing bag, two winter coats and two lunch boxes every single morning during the week (there is also room for more).

What's included with the UPPAbaby Vista 2015 Pram?
- x2 SPF 50 Sunshades
- x1 Carrycot
- x2 Raincovers
- Infant Carseat Adapters
- x2 Insect Nets
- x1 Toddler Seat

Sunshades and Raincovers
The sunshades are attached to the hood of the carrycot and toddler seat which is great when you are out and about. There are two separate rain covers, one of the carrycot and one for the toddler seat. I have used both, and both raincovers the carrycot and seat well, which keeps baby/toddler dry from the rain but also keeps the wind away on a windy day.

The carry cot is solid and very easy to clip on and off the frame. To take the carrycot off the frame, you slide the button that is on top of the carrycot handle. To make sure the carrycot is on the frame correctly, you should hear two clicks and each side should have turned a green colour. The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping, which is great as you won't have to mess around bringing a cot or travel cot. We used the carrycot got Freddie to sleep in over night when we had a three night stay on our family holiday break. The carry cot has a ventilated mattress and base which makes overnight sleeping safely for baby. 

Toddler Seat
The spacious toddler seat can be made forward or parent facing. The straps are padded for comfort, and the seat can easily recline to different positions for toddler to lie back or sit up by pressing a button at the back of the seat. The leg rest can also be reclined by two side buttons. The padded handlebar is easy to come off, by pressing one button. This can easily be done with one hand. The handle bar is also easy to rotate round, so it's not in your way while putting toddler into the seat.

Infant car seat adaptors that come with the Vista Pram are suitable for;
Maxi Cosi
BeSafe iZi Go
Kiddy Evo Lunafix
Cybex Aton Q
Cybex Cloud Q
I have the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat which is also suitable for the adaptors. Although using a car seat is handy if you want to be quick somewhere, I wasn't that keen with the car seat on the frame, but that is because I do love the carrycot. The car seat will make a clicking noise once it is on the adaptors correctly. We have used the car seat a few times if we are going for a quick food shop or popping out somewhere quickly from the car. It also saves space in the boot if you decide to use the car seat on the frame instead of the toddler seat or carry cot. 

Public Transport and Car Boot Space
I was a bit nervous using the Vista on the bus for the first time, but shockingly it was a perfect size. I was nervous that it was going to be too big, but it fit perfectly on the side and also enough room for me to sit down while holding the pram on our bus journey. The pram is so easy to push, which helps when I want to move from the pram space. 

When my partner is home, we use the car as he drives. The frame does take quite a bit of space in the boot but as I said above, if you use the car seat then you are saving a lot of space. The carry cot and toddler seat are separate from the frame when folded, so they take extra space in the car boot which can be a bit of pain when you are going for a big food shop or a Christmas shop. However, I would not let this put you off buying this pram. 

Our Adventures With The Vista 2015 Pram
I have used the Vista most days since Freddie was born. We took Freddie out in the Vista for his first family walk to a place called Beaumaris in Anglesey. The Vista was easy to push on the grass, and with the handle down, the girls even found it nice and easy to push. We also use the Vista every single morning for the school run. The girls usually hold the side of the pram handle as we walk but sometimes Ellie wants to hold my hand on the way to school. The Vista is easy to push and turns with one hand. Although the frame looks big, it's sturdy and light to push. 

We also took the Vista with us to Haven; our family break a few weeks ago. As said above, we used the carrycot for Freddie to sleep in over night. We also took the carry cot and the toddler seat with us. The toddler seat was great during the day, as Freddie loves to be sat up looking around. The carrycot was used around his nap times or during the late afternoons and evenings so that he would settle. On our last day, we went for a walk to the beach, and the path was rocky. The pram took the path well, and it was still easy to push. 

Folding and Storing The Frame
Folding the frame is easy, but I would advise you to put the breaks on before folding. Although the pram feels light when pushing, the frame is pretty heavy once folded, and I have struggled to handle the frame into the house or boot when it is folded. It can take a bit of room but it does lay flat which is great for storage and space.

Not only is the Vista a brilliant single pram, it can also turn into a double pram which is brilliant if you want to grow your family or have two babies/toddlers who need a pram. There are many different ways you can position the seats, car seat, and carrycot. I haven't used it or tested the pram as a double, but here is a photo of the positions:

- Easy and smooth to push
- Large basket
- Easy to push and turn with one hand
- Goes well on different grounds
- Can be transformed to a double pram
- Carrycot and seat come within the price
- 9 colours to choose from
- More than 1 car seat can attach to the adaptors
- Carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping
- Toddler seat reclines
- Come with extendable sunshades that are already attached to the hood of carrycot and toddler seat
- Rain covers are included
- Push on/off braking system
- Fits on public transport
- Handlebar goes up and down

- Can be difficult to go through some doors because of the back wheels
- Heavy when it's folded

I am extremely happy with the Vista pram, and I would recommend the Vista to anyone who is looking for a pram. I think the price is worth paying, as you get everything in that price. The Vista has been great for daily use, especially for the school runs. I have had no problems with the Vista, other than some struggles of going through some doors in places, but that hasn't happened often and very rarely. This is because the back wheels are much wider than the front wheels. The large basket is a bonus, especially having other children who don't like to carry things. The handle is ideal for tall and short people. My partner is taller than me and finds the height just right for him.

RRP: £849.99
More information over at the UPPAbaby website.

* I was given the UPPAbaby Vista Pram free of charge, in return for an honest review.
All photos, words and opinions are my own, unless stated.


  1. Fab detailed review lovely. I so so wish we had a double pram now in hindsight and the Uppababy would've been excellent. Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. What a lovely review and I love all the pictures! I always had pram envy of one of my friends when I had my first baby as the Uppa Baby had so much space for groceries (especially in the newborn phase - my Bugaboo was a nightmare trying to stuff bread into the basket underneath). I now have two (at the time, an 18 month old and a newborn) and wanted something easy to fold and get about with. I didn't go for the Uppa Baby double as I thought it would do my head in taking both seats off and on. I ended up with a Phil & Teds and regretted it as the newborn pod lasted literally 3 weeks and I'm only able to use it again 6 months on. Hindsight! #MarvMondays

  3. This looks like a brilliant pram! I love the colour of it, and that basket it huge!!!! I think it's fab that it converts to a double as well, and so many combinations too. A really great review, thanks for sharing. #marvmondays

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