Freddie's 5 Month Update

This update is a little late because I had not long written a small update a few days before he turned 5 months old. I honestly can't believe we now have a 5-month-old baby boy. Time is going by a bit too quick, and I wish life would slow down, just a little. It makes me sad when I look back at old photos because he's grown so much. Freddie is the most amazing little boy, ever. He is loved so much by us all.

Freddie is babbling a lot. He makes these funny noises which are just hilarious. He is always full of smiles and loves to be tickled under his arms and his collar bone. He's started to recognise who's voice is who and looks around when he hears a familiar voice. 

Freddie is really strong for his age, and he has been since we newborn. The health visitor has always said he's growing very well for his age. He loves to be sat up and doesn't like to be laid flat unless he is tired or feeling lazy. He will lay down on his play gym for around 10-15 minutes, depend on what kind of mood he is in. I try and put him down on his back and tummy a few times a day so he can learn to do new things. He can roll over from tummy to back, and back to tummy, however, he is kind of lazy recently. But, when he is on his back, he can turn himself around by wiggling himself to the opposite side, which is pretty funny. 

I started weaning Freddie just before he turned 4 months old as I felt it was the right time to start. I started weaning Mia when she was 4 months old, and I started Elliw when she was ready around 6-7 months. Being a Mum of three, I have noticed every single baby is different and will start certain things at different times. I will be talking more about weaning Freddie in the upcoming weeks and sharing some simple homemade meals from when he's 6 months. 

I decided to start Freddie on porridge, fruit and veg. His favourite fruit is Pear, and he likes it with banana or apple. He's not so keen on certain foods, but I am looking forward to starting experimenting by adding meat and other new foods into his meals. I have been given then Tommee Tippee steamer blender to review and I will be preparing a lot of meals with that. 

I still breastfeed, and Freddie still feeds really well. I am still hoping to breastfeed until he is around 18 or 24 months. He is going much longer between feeds, which still feels kind of strange to me but it is nice that I'm able to do other things in between feeds. I've been bitten a few times - which bloody well hurts! Ouch. I do get nervous when I sometimes feed because the bite hurts too much. Otherwise, feeding is still going extremely well.

Freddie is growing so much recently. He's out of his 3-6 months babygro's and trousers. The bottom half of his legs are too big, and he's too long. He's currently fitting into 6-9 months clothing and has done before he turned 5 months. He has also been fitting into some 9-12 month clothing such as a recent coat I have bought him and some pyjamas (I haven't tried any trousers or tops!). 

Freddie has been teething for a long time. He's got two bottom teeth which are just adorable but are a pain when he bites while feeding. I think more teeth are coming somewhere because we've had a few rough weeks recently and I believe that it was down to his teeth. I find some Calpol and bonjela will help soothe his teeth if he is in terrible pain. Otherwise, bonjela will do just fine to help him. 

The girls are still doing great with Freddie. They both absolutely adore him, and they are fantastic big sisters to him. Every single morning without fail, they will come into our bedroom and say good morning to Freddie. They love having cuddles with him, and they like the fact that he is more alert at what they do now. However, they don't like it when he is grabbing their hair (which he loves to do). They both try and make him laugh, and they're so proud of themselves when he does. I couldn't ask for a better sibling relationship between them all. 

Freddie's day time naps are usually; 9 am, 2 pm and 4/5pm. He will usually nod off to sleep in the evening anytime between 8-9pm and sleep until 11-12pm, sometimes 1 am. Freddie will usually co-sleep with me, and he has never slept a full night in the past 5 months, and I can't see him doing it anytime soon either. It's knackering, especially that I still have to get up early the next morning with the girls. Freddie usually wakes up between 1-3 hours every night. He will wake for a feed or comfort/cuddles. During the day he will nap for around 20-30 minutes which can make it pretty difficult to get things done because he's still a clingy baby and currently going through a stage where he's trying to do things but struggles. 


  1. I'm loving following Freddie's journey! My youngest is just over 5 months and my daughter in nearly 3 so it's quite nice to see some comparison :) I've been toying with starting my own blog since my eldest was born but I just never seen to have enough time!x

    1. Thank you so much for following us :-). It's always nice to know people are reading/following. I find it hard to have time since having Freddie but I try my best to do atleast an hour during the day and then I do the rest in the evening after settling Freddie :-)

  2. So cute and brought back memories now I have tweens and a teen. Love the name too but it was ruled out by my husband - boo hiss!


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