My First Vlog

For months and months, I have been wanting to start vlogging, and I decided around Christmas time that I will force myself to do it in the new year coming. I thought it was the perfect time to start seeing as it's a new year. I have done a few family outing videos in the past but never have I spoken through a whole video. I am full of nerves when I think that the video has been published and is now on YouTube, but I need to start somewhere.

My first video is pretty rubbish, and I need to work on my confidence and my video editing. The video is pretty basic, and I only used a basic video editing programme that is already on my laptop. I am still learning about the whole new vlogging world. I've currently got two other videos that need editing and uploading, and I'm quite looking forward to them as they are a bit more interesting than this first one I have done.

I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel - that would be amazing!

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