Tips To Save Money This Year

January is a hard time with money for many of us after spending so much for Christmas. We have to spend wisely and many new years resolutions are to save money better than you did last year. It doesn't always have to be that hard to save money, there are many ways you can save money through the year, and you may not even see it unless you add it up at the end of the year. Here are just a few ways you can save money this year;

- 365 Day Challenge
You may have heard of this popular 365-day money challenge where you can save over £600 in just 365 days. It's a great idea if you are able to stick to it and perfect if you have any loose change in your pockets. You can see how to do the 365 challenge here.

- Save Your Loose Change
Do you have loose change in your purse/wallet or pockets? I always do! If you put them aside at the end of every day or week, you would be surprised at how much you could save by the end of the year. If you do online banking, you can do the same. Open a new account and make it your saving account by adding your loose change from your current account into it.

- Use Vouchers
When you go shopping, remember to use your vouchers! I have to buy my kids a bunch of clothes at least two or three times a year, and it can be really expensive, especially that I have three to buy for now. My Favourite Voucher Codes have some great voucher codes to use at Debenhams

- Save £2 Coins
My partner saved every single £2 he received last year for a few months, and he managed to save over £300 in less than 6 months. You could also save 50p, £1 or anything else you can afford to save aside each day or week. 

- Shopping List
When you go out shopping whether it is for food or something else, write a list of what you want and be sure to stick to the list. This can help reduce your total bill. 

- Look Around
When you are out shopping or shopping online, look around to see if there is anything cheaper first before buying. There are many compare price sites online. 

- Budget
I think this is one of the best ways to save money but also the hardest way for some. Budgeting is key to saving money. You could set yourself a budget each week or month, and if you stick to that budget, the leftover money could be saved into a pot or bank. 

How do you save money?

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