Bibetta Placemat with Pocket Review

I've been weaning Freddie since he was around 4 months old and he's recently started finger foods, which he loves. He hasn't had many different finger foods yet, but I am going to start giving him different kinds of food such as veg and fruit as well as sandwiches and other suitable finger foods for him. We go out for family meals at least once a month, and soon Freddie will be eating food with us when he gets the hang of feeding himself at meal times. When the girls were exploring with finger food, I remember putting some chips of mine on a clean tissue or asking for a spare plate. It was quite a nuisance because the plate would always get flung (which wasn't good as they're not plastic!). 

We were sent the Bibetta Placemat with pocket to review, and I personally think it is a perfect idea. The placemat is a perfect size of 58cm x 45cm. It folds up to pocket size which fits perfectly into your handbag or changing bag. If you love going out for meals and have a baby or/and toddler who feeds off the table, this placemat is perfect. 

Some main details of the placemat:
- This mat offers hygiene. Your baby can feed on the mat instead of eating from a public table
- Easy to clean after use which is great if you're eating out
- Folds up small (26cm x 12cm) which is perfect for putting away in your bag and travelling
- Machine washable at 30 degrees
- Waterproof, so you don't have to worry about those spilt drinks!
- The placemat has a soft feel
- Non-slip mat but don't expect the mat to be literally stuck to the table!

Overall: This mat is perfect for parents who love to go out for food. Even at home, this mat is great for any table. The pocket catches food instead of it going on the floor, but of course, there's some food going to land on the floor after baby throwing it around (yes, this happened!). As it folds up to compact size which is perfect for travelling, I will be using this mat in cafe's and restaurants for Freddie to eat from. It's more hygenic than letting him eat from the table itself and also reduces (some) mess from the floor. It's very easy to clean by just cleaning it under hot water after every meal but when I've been out, I give a quick clean with some wipes before coming home and giving it a clean under water with fairy liquid. The mat is machine washable if needed to be washed and is also waterproof so there is no need to worry about any spilt drinks. 

RRP: £14.99

* We were sent this Bibetta Placemat free of charge, in return of an honest review. As always, all images, words and opinions are my own. 

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